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                                                                                        Supremacy Of Steel   Label: Music Buy Mail

Hailing from San Diego, California founded in 1992 during the scourge of grunge this band has persevered and shown the horns and metal of a Viking horde.  Aggressive, Power Metal band Cage take no prisoners on their new album  'Supremacy of Steel'.  'Blood Steel' rampages out of your speakers and you have to double take, as Steve Pecks vocals sound very much like Rob Halford's, and there ensues a bumper scream-a-thon.  The opening track has a guest appearance from Bitter Frost and is heavy as hell. 

'The Beast of Bray Road' has more supersonic screams and rattles along at a manic speed.  'King of Wasteland' starts off in a slower mood, but quickly speeds up, and you are taken into six minutes of frenetic pounding metal, with some classy dark overtones.


'Metal Empire' is really good and a technically brilliant song, but for me personally 'Metal Empire' is a kind of song I’ve heard so many times, this track belongs firmly in the eighties, but saying that it’s a great fist thumping anthem and I could imagine this being played live, and the metal brotherhood all being as one punching the air and head-banging along.

'War of The Unread' and the excellent 'Flying Fortress' drag you back kicking and screaming from the eighties to the here and now.  'War of The Undead' is a fearsome number as is 'Flying Fortress' metal at break-neck speed is the best way to describe these two songs.


'Annaliese Michel' has a bit of Mercyful Fate going on with this track and will have you head-banging into oblivion.  Also, 'Supremacy of Steel' has a remake of Cage’s unreleased cult classic song 'Brain Dead Woman', and also contains the epic sequel song 'Hell Destroyer vs. Metal Devil', which for me is the best track on this album. The album cover artwork depicts the band in a live setting with the metal gods themselves looking down upon the mayhem and is the work of Marc Sasso (Dio, Halford, Marvel Comics).  So this is Cages sixth album and it is really worth a listen as you will not be disappointed.  The album comes in various formats which include bonus tracks, a special sticker, a full colour poster and other metal goodies.


Review by: Seb Di Gatto


1. Bloodsteel2. The Beast Of Bray Road3. King Of The Wasteland4. Metal Empire5. War Of The Undead6. Flying Fortress7. Doctor Doom8. Annaliese Michel9. Braindead Woman10. The Monitor11. Hell Destroyer vs. Metal Devil



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