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                                                                         Deus Ex  Machina      Metal Blade         
Vesania have  possibly released one of  the best Black / Extreme Metal albums of the year, featuring members from Vader, Behemoth, and Decapitated, you get an album of ten brutal, symphonic black metal tracks which envelop you, and steal your soul.

The band have been inactive for the past seven years, as the members have been busy with their own bands .

Opening with "Halflight"  with Orion on vocals leading you into the  Valley of Death , its a strong and formidable opener

which is graphic and makes you shiver with delight.

Next is my  favourite  on here, the stunning "Innocence"  its vivid, and cascades like a waterfall of blood over your body , into your mind ,  and spirit, its twisted, a truly imposing number, to be honest I kept going back to this track it is perfection its self. 


"Disillusion" a close second , it is absorbing and see’s the bands theatrical elements come to the fore, I  am really taken with the haunting keyboards through out this opus especially on "Vortex" its a cyclone of mesmerizing metal which has some excellent chugging guitars as you approach the end, It needs to be listened to and savored.

"Dismay" has Orchestrations of metallic  gravitas. 


"Glare" penetrates your psyche its end with the keyboards and then pictures of madness and your own personal hell emanate as "Notion" mind fucks your brain! Listen to this on a cold winters night alone in the deep forest I dare ya! "Disgrace" is forceful and the most destructive and aggressive track on here, brutality  emanates and twists into your being. 


 Penultimate track "Fading"  severs the gods of Metals arteries  spraying you with a deadly and addictive Maelstrom of killing riffs and hellish abandonment its deliriously  sinister,  and unworldly.

Final track "Scar" like "Notion" totally bewilders your brains cognitive responses and would be amazing to listen to in the dark of night. whilst   staring into the oblivion of life!

 A vicious fucking with your mind end  to possibly  my album of the year.
"Deus Ex Machina"  is a fantastic return of majestic  metal from Poland's insanely talented super group.

Get this and bow down to the grandeur of Vesania..
NB: Interview  with Orion on the Site HERE


Review Seb Di Gatto
1. Halflight
2. Innocence
3. Disillusion
4. Vortex
5. Dismay
6. Glare
7. Notion
8. Disgrace
9. Fading
10. Scar

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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