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                                                                                                              Wake The Nations
                                                                       Sign of Heart    Inverse Records Release Date: 30th January
Yet another talented and amazing band From Scandinavia this time Finland, we have Wake The Nations with "Sign of Heart" it is an album stuck in the Eighties but with a modern twist of 2015! The album features guest appearances of musicians from around the globe, and is a very uplifting album
Opening with "Fairytale Romance" it hits the nail on the head , its a jumping and grooving opener, its fun , Hard Rocking and bounces around , jumping on bars and singing the chorus this is a storming opener, its a classic rocking tune. 'A Touch Of Your Hand' has an impressive guitar solo, its heavy on the keyboards at first but grows on you, its a melodious ,symphonic song to lift your spirits on the dullest winters day.


A Female vocalist features in the next tune "All I Want" its a kinda of song that should be high in  the mainstream charts, its an enriching number , not really my cup of tea, but hey its a good tune so cant knock it.

An emotional number is up next with "So Broken" very much a song that has MTV in its heyday written all over it. Its one of those songs that will stay in your head all day.

'Love Distracts The Senses' like "So Broken" is another evocative number which leads to  'This Feeling'  which has just been released as the bands debut  video , which is quite stunning , filmed on a  lovely beach.
Anyway I digress, this song feature the talents of   Dado" Topić , Croatian Rock star and Croatia's Eurovisons entry in 2007 its a rawer sounding song and works really well and is my favorite track on here.


'Sea Of Emptiness'  sees the female vocalist return its a very upbeat song and like "All I Want" its a song that would do well in the mainstream charts. its a different arrangement to the other songs on here, and it kind of takes you on a journey of out worldliness. Symphonic Rock is the order of the day 
'Love Leads The Way'  continues on the Juggernaut of uplifting Finnish finesse.
'Until The End Of Time' kind of reminded me of being in a concert hall with the crowd singing along. 

 The guitar work is deep, and grooves, this is AOR Heaven!.

Final song 'Who Am I' Opens with sirens and  leads to an acoustic guitar, and water flowing down the river of dreams, its a competent song to end a yet another cracking album from Scandinavia, its well worth checking out this band and spending your hard earned on if you like you Rock on the melodic side.

                                   Score :   8/10

Review :Seb Di Gatto



Track Listing:

1.Fairytale Romance

2.A Touch of Your Hand

3.All I Want

4.So Broken

5.Love Distracts The Sense

6.Sea Of Emptiness

7.Love Leads The Way

8.Until The End of Time

9.Who Am I

The Band:
- Risto Tuominen [Finland] / guitars, vocals, additional keys
- Janne "Gekko" Granfors [Finland] / bass
- Jori "Jorge" Tojander [Finland] / keys
- Tuomas Pelli [Finland] / drums
Guest Artists:
- Dado Topic [Croatia] / vocals
- Estef Martinez - Insider [Ecuador] / vocals
- Taage Laiho - Kilpi/Mad Hatter's Den [Finland] / vocals
- Janne Hurme - Human Temple [Finland] / vocals
- Nils Nordling - Dirge Eternal [Finland] / vocals
- Krister Stenbom - Villa Sucka [Finland] / vocals
- Timo Pelander - Finlanders [Finland] / guitar
- Jari Pailamo - Ponies To Kill/No Man's Land [Finland] / keys
- Kalle Saarinen - Clayskin [Finland] / drums


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