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                                                                         Title: Hard Rock N' Roll   Label: SPV / Steamhammer Records

With the Rock N' Roll swagger of AC/DC, we are brought into the good time boogying, heads down, party time debut album from 42 Decibel.  Hailing from Argentina this band has all the ingredients so beloved of the Aussie rockers, music to get everyone on to the dance floor and shaking their tail feathers. 

Opening with 'Scotch Drinker', you really are taken aback and stunned at how these rockers have swallowed the formula and come up with a remarkable, Bon Scott inspired opener, it has blues infused and whiskey drenched vocals from Junior Figueroa. 'Smokin Fire' mixes up the best blues riffage and bounces into the room, with a catchy chorus to heat the place up, it's super stuff! 


Now possibly the strongest track is next for 'Long Legged Woman', think 'The Jack'.  This is classic sounding, inspired again by the early AC/DC influences.  Most of the songs run over five minutes, but you are just so drawn into the music that you really wouldn’t notice 'Take Me' like nearly all the songs on here is heavily influenced by alcohol, these guys defiantly love a drink!

'I`m Gonna Give You All' is sassy and cheeky its how rock used to be.   Not seen a song with Margaritas in the title since the awful 'Margarita Time' by Status Quo.  Unlike the Quo song, this is ballsy, it will have you at the bar downing loads of Margaritas, dancing on the bar and chasing the senoritas!  'Rocker Soul' says it all really, like 'Long Legged Woman'.


So for twelve tracks that will make you want to crack open the Jack Daniels and buy a keg of Belgian beer.  This will have you dancing in the aisles, throwing the horns and generally having a wild night of blues inspired rock excess!! These hombres kick ass!





Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. Scotch Drinker2. Smokin' Fire3. Long Legged Woman4. The Real Deal5. Take Me6. I'm Gonna Give You All7. Drinkin' Margaritas8. Addicted To Rage9. Born To Ride Alone10. Rocker Soul11. Drunk Love12. Gimme A Drink

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