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                                                                                                                A Life Divided
                                                                                                      Human     Label: AFM Records
                                                                                                                Release 10th April
Lets be honest... on first listen to the opening track I rolled my eyes and thought oh NO ! not more Electro Rock.

Then I listened again and yeah I get this band A Life Divided totally! This is the bands fifth  release and Ive really enjoyed this album , its an emotional roller coaster ride of penetrating, powerful songs that are enjoyable and intelligent. I wouldn't call it Metal it is Electro - Rock reminding me at times of Stabbing Westward, a smattering of The Dreaming and err even Depeche Mode only a little bit but there's some very retro music at times on "Human".     

This band are huge in their homeland Germany and its easy to see why, they have had constant airplay  on German radio and tours with bands like Eisbrecher , Apocalyptia and many festivals and our shooting stars in the alternative scene.
Why the name "Human" as a title? Front man Jürgen Plangger explains“It’s like a critical look in the mirror” “Maybe you don’t always like what you see, but in the end you gotta live with it.”  The singer got his ideas and inspirations  from looking deeper at the subject of self-reflection and the dilemma of his generation. As he further explains  “We live in a time that gives us the impression that we always have to strive for something more, something better. It’s like an obstacle course which is impossible to win. Accepting imperfection might be the key to happiness.” So to the music.

There are many tracks on here that will have alternative clubbers raving ,sweating and dancing to A Life Divided, some of it is a bit too electric at times ,but that doesn't stop this being a top album with intelligent , deep and passionate lyrics.

Opening tracks like the aptly named "Burst" does just that ,it explodes and is a track that becomes a habit , it has you playing, and  replaying it again and again. As does all of the album ,it does touch more on the poppy side with tracks like "Inside Me"  and "The Most Beautiful Black" destined to go down very well live and getting regular airplay.


There are some riffs and moments when you will want to punch the air ,  sing and shout along to the tracks within "Human" "Drive " races and rocks along it , is a highlight as in the bombastic and alluring "Happy End". Then there's the other side of the coin "My Apology" well you can guess by the title of the song kind of say no more!

But I did surprisingly really get into "Human"  and think its going to be huge for the Band especially in their homeland.
Although it does irk me that this can fall into  A Metal/Rock category at times with the full computerised electronic bastardisation of the  different genres with in the Metal Field, and crossovers at times gets a bit tiresome.


But to be fair yeah this Album will appeal,  but many traditional Metal Heads will not want to hear this album , which is a shame ,  its not really Metal enough for me, but I would say give it a try and you may grow to fully appreciate this band s art.

Review :Seb Di Gatto    Score:8/10                     

Track Listing:                                                       Facebook   Website
 2.The Most Beautiful Black
 3.Inside Me 
 4.Own Mistake
 5.Right Where I Belong
 6.Could You
 8.My Apology
 10. Lay Me Down
 11.Happy End
 12.Beautiful One (Bonus)




jp - voc
korl - drums
toby - bass
mike - git
tony - git
erik - programming, keys, git


















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