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                                                                                                                    Abby K


                                                                                                            23rd August 2019 


MM: First question has to be what got you into Rock and Metal and who is your greatest influence.


Abby:My first memory of music is from when I was around five years old. My older sister and I would ask our dad to put a modern song on our iPod such as Taylor Swift or Kidz Bop. He then came up with a rule that he would give us the songs we wanted in exchange for “the good stuff.” When we asked for Shawn Mendes, we were also given KISS, Metallica, AC/DC, Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden and many other classic rock and metal bands. For that reason, my dad is my greatest influence because he exposed me to “the good stuff” starting at an early age. Musically, my biggest influence started as KISS, but recently has become Nita Strauss and Lzzy Hale.


MM: What struck me was at such a tender age of 16 you seem  to know your Old school Rock and Metal especially Tesla. I am guessing you have been brought up in a house hold with these Bands.


Abby:EXACTLY! While none of my family members are musicians, they all sing really well. My dad is the one that taught me all about the old school rock and metal. He’s my concert buddy. Together we’ve seen KISS three times, Alice Cooper twice, Iron Maiden, Joan Jett and Heart. I can always expect to get a history lesson behind the band we are going to see on the way to the venue. In June, Tesla came to The Playroom, the studio I rehearse and record at. They were rehearsing to play an acoustic live show at Abbey Road in England. I had the opportunity to hang with the band all day and sit in on their rehearsal. Fun fact, Brian Wheat got to listen to my debut single, “It Should Have Been Me” before anyone else!


MM:When did you first pick up a Bass Guitar and realize you have such an awesome talent


Abby: My dad took me to my first concert to see KISS when I was 12 years old. I vividly remember sitting at the very back of the lawn, the Paul Stanley makeup was running down my face from the sweat, I was on top of my dad’s shoulders, and I was completely mesmerized by Gene Simmons. There was one specific moment where I just knew that I had to do that someday no matter what. The next day, I picked up an acoustic guitar because it’s the only guitar we owned. I was eventually given an electric guitar by a family member. At this point, I was completely self - taught so my dad took me to local music store for lessons. They suggested I played bass because they were short on bass players. I remembered that is what Gene Simmons played so I was all in to it. I picked it up and everything just clicked. Immediately after that band practice, my dad took me to a local music store and I bought my first bass. 


MM: What other instruments can you play


Abby:In addition to playing bass and singing, I also play acoustic and electric guitar, piano and a little bit of drums. 


MM:You release your debut single in a matter of days "It Should of Been Me " how nervous and excited are you.


Abby: I can’t sleep! Words simply cannot express how excited I am for “It Should Have Been Me” to be released globally on August 22nd! It seems so surreal to me that it’s actually happening. This song I wrote in my own bedroom one year ago, now has the ability to be heard by anyone and everyone around the world!



MM: You're still young and you have a lot of time ahead of you to keep doing what you're doing. What are your long term goals.


Abby: My biggest goal is to improve every day. If I'm writing songs, playing bass or singing, I want to be better tomorrow than I was yesterday.



MM: What does the rest of 2019 hold in store for you and is an Abby K Album on the horizon  


Abby: My debut single, “It Should Have Been Me” will be released this Thursday, August 22nd. The next few months are a little blurry because we have no insight on what will happen with “It Should Have Been Me.” I have written more music and many songs are in the process of being recorded. We will release the next single when it’s time. We are not planning on releasing a full album yet, but plan to release more singles for the time being. My management just started talks with a booking agent so we can put together tour dates.


MM: Talking of Albums whats the last one you brought/downloaded?


Abby: The last physical album I bought was Ace Frehley’s “Space Invader” and the last album I downloaded was “Controlled Chaos” from Nita Strauss!


MM: Where do you want to see Abby K ten years from now


Abby: In ten years, I want to be playing in a different country, on a huge stage, to a sold out crowd, and I envision every single audience member singing my songs back to me. That is my absolute dream goal. But I am going to work super hard to see if I can accomplish that much sooner!


MM: What one ingredient is the most important and vital when making good music

Abby: I think great music comes from passion and real life emotions.  Songs almost write themselves when there is a good story to tell.



MM:Thanks for your time, you have an amazing talent and we wish you all the best so finally do you have any final words for your fans and our readers.


Abby: Thank you so much for this opportunity! When people tell you that you’re insane for wanting to do something you love, or that it is impossible to accomplish what you want to accomplish,  work hard and prove them wrong. It really is possible.


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