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                                                                                                    Freitag der 13 
                                                                                  Label:AFM   Release Date:13.02.2014
Tanzwut are a band I have never ever listened too, its the whole idea of Bagpipes, that put   me off in the past. But having seen The Black  Tartan Clan at the PPM Festival in Mons last year and the way the bagpipes worked and mixed in with the Metal music on display that night , I just knew I had to check out Tanzwut, and you know what *pun intended..


This band of Germans are damn amazing I love this album, now its all delivered in their native tongue, but that does not  matter! 

I have even grown to really like the bag pipes!  Tanzwut in German means "Dancing Mania" and what you get is Medieval , industrial Metal with Bagpipes thrown into the mix, Tanzwut are huge they sell out venues and I  am not surprised having listened to this album. There are so many highlights that do indeed make you want to dance and party to these Teutonic masters of Medieval musicianship. 


Grab a hold of your roast hog legs and fill your horns with mead as the tracks bounce along just causing havoc, opening with "Brot und Spiele" its a rawking circus of foot stomping , bouncing metal to punch the air and sing to, translated the title means "Bread and Circuses" well this song cannonballs you onto the high wire and butters your bread with a twist of dynamite! I don't speak a word of  German but so what! the title track is next! Thump your chest and bang your head, this song was released as a video so wont be unfamiliar to the bands hordes of fans, its industrial dance hall delivery is frantic an cracks the walls as the pipes screech and the deep metal tones rock, waking the dead , think Nine Inch Nails on a speeding roller coaster with bagpipes attached! 


Track five "Die Zeit Heilt alle Wunden" translated "Time heals all wounds" is a beautiful piece its slower and the bagpipes send shivers up and down your spine, you really could be up in the highlands of Scotland with the mists of time passing over you, its a spell binding tune.

My personal fave on here without a doubt is "Der Zeitdieb" with the "Tick Tock" phrase sticking in your head all day and night long, this reminded me of Rammstein but with a medieval slant! Translation"Thief of Time" a song I imagine will become a favourite live.


The next song "Niemals  Mehr" is another slower tune,  the band deliver something quiet and reflective,it's melodious and ethereal the bag pipes take you on a journey through time with a female  chorus singing in some places, its  excellent! Simply out of this world.

Service is resumed and you are shaken from your repose as the band crank out five more tracks of bagpipe inspired Metal which really delivers and has this reviewer  addicted to Tanzwut! There really isn't a bad track on here , 13 maybe unlucky for some but this is definitely not an unlucky release for Tanzwut, its pretty damn special  the final song "Wenn Wir Untergehen" meaning "If We Go" is heroic and opens with some stunning pipe age! and indeed we may go and see you in Mons soon!!!


To sum up:
Okay to be honest am like ,what the flying fuck! on first Listen to this album! But its grown on me sooooo much that this opus is gonna be a fixture in the car and  played out mega damn loud , especially on our impending holiday to Germany ! I cant wait! If you are lucky enough to reside in mainland Europe  these guys are on tour soon!! 


Review : Seb Di Gatto                     Score 9.6 /10

Tracklist:                                           Facebook     Website
01.Brot und Spiele                      
02.Brüder im Geiste
03.Freitag der 13.
05.Die Zeit heilt alle Wunden
06.Ohne Sünde
07.Der Zeitdieb
08.Niemals mehr
09.Des Teufels Braut
10.Vorbei ist vorbei
12.Bis der Morgen graut
13.Wenn wir untergehen


Band Members: Teufel * René * Der Zwilling * Pyro * Thrymr * Shumon * Oually * Bruder Schlaf * Bruder Liebe


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