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                                                                                                        Act of Defiance

                                                                                                        Birth and The Burial
                                                                                                        Label: Metal Blade Records
                                                                                                        Release Date: 21st August
“Birth and Burial”  is the debut release from Act of Defiance, comprising  former Megadeth members Chris Broderick ,and Shawn Drover,  with former Scar the Martyr frontman Henry Derek, and Shadows Fall guitarist Matt Bachand , its full to the brim with aggressive ,beastly gems.

The album opens with the six minute long " Throwback " this  for me is  the standout track, without a doubt its brutality and non stop savagery will beat you to the edge of your life.


The relentless , powerful Thrash athon never lets up as “"Legion of Lies” storms into the room with some killer riffs from the opening , then  the songs tempo changes and slows down as  vocalist Henry Derek snarls and gnashes his teeth producing  menacing verses and heart stopping  vibes, while the guitars  buzzed , and crackled like a swarm of killer bees! ”
"Thy Lord Belial" wreaks havoc , a potent mix of Power drenched Metal to bang your head to.


A bit of respite is in order as "Refrain and Refracture” opens  building slowly, then the drums thunder like a call to arms, seeing the song come fully to life with a  chorus that is catchy as hell and there is scintillating musicianship from this supergroup.

“DeadStare" is a feverish number to mosh to  crashing into the wall of death at a hundred miles an hour, as this tune progresses it slows ,and will have the Metal Hordes chanting, and punching the air without a doubt.

"Disastrophe" sees some intense shredding and Drovers drumming simply enthrals you.

Track seven “"Poison Dream”" opens with a doleful orchestration and sombre piano playing then plunges you into a frenzy of devilish vocals that bombard and batter your consciousness.


Like the previous track "“Obey The Fallen"” opens in a melancholic manner and together with the opening track is a real highlight, simply put, it is compelling.
"Crimson Psalm" is an anthem that bleeds , oozing  with intense riffs this is a pure Metal Meltdown. Final track "“Birth and the Burial”" is an inspirational finish to a cracking debut from Act of Defiance, its chugging riffs and overall delivery capture  you , drawing you in and you  will hit  replay again, and again , then starting over  with the whole album ,so to sum up,


The guitarmanship from Chris Boderick, Matt Bachand combined with Shawn Drovers drumming and Henry Dereks Vocals is simply frenetic , absolutely magnificent, outstanding throughout this  has to be heard  by everyone who loves their  Metal Thrashing !!  
Review: Seb Di Gatto   Score:9/10


Track listing:
01. Throwback
02. Legion of Lies
03. Thy Lord Belial
04. Refrain and Re-Fracture
05. Dead Stare
06. Disastrophe (A New Reality)
07. Poison Dream
08. Obey the Fallen
09. Crimson Psalm
10. Birth and the Burial

Members: Chris Broderick - Guitar, Henry Derek - Vocals, Shawn Drover - Drums, Matt Bachand - Bass


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