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Formed in Trosa Sweden in 2004, Adept have been kicking about the Metalcore scene for a while now, the band came to people’s attention while supporting Bring Me The Horizon in 2009 and releasing two albums that were well received.  The band seem to have grown even more, here, they have delivered eleven tracks that are melodic, but brutal and really in your face. 


Adept enjoy what they are doing and it tells in the bands tunes, their attitude towards their fans, and the world in general.  For instance, second track in, you get these lyrics from 'Established 2004' ... “We`re back motherfuckers! And this one’s for the fuckin` crew! So raise your fuckin brew! This one goes out to you! And you! And you!”.  So you kind of get the gist!, this band love to party and “bring the noise!“


They certainly do on this album, it’s full of Metalcore delirium that will have venues  across the world slamming, jamming, head-banging and generally moshing into the night. The album  is delivered with punk angst, thrashing drums and not forgetting the spiraling guitars and vocals from Robert Ljung that are not just metal core growl, there are harmonious moments mixed in throughout this album! 


Strongest tracks have to be the immediately likeable 'Secrets' and 'The Ocean Grave'.  Other notable tunes to get you head-banging into oblivion are 'Dead Planet', which rampages into the room, grabbing and smashing  you, with ferocious drumming and growls to wake the dead. Then a brief interlude of one and a half minutes of erm space rock?!? With 'Orion'.


Then BAM!! hate fueled, bitter menace is the order of the day with 'Means To An End' and when Ljung says ... “I don’t give a single Fuck if you are dead or alive” ... halfway through the song,  you bloody well believe him!  'The Toughest Kids' tell you how it is, fierce and intelligent lyrics to bash your body slamming you into the metal abyss of the mosh pit!      


I can attest to this bands live performances having seen them a while ago supporting Rise To Remain, they were superb and their performance was not only energetic, it was spellbindingly good, leaving the crowd wanting more!  So to sum up, this is an album that should appeal to all lovers of angst driven music, it's instantly enjoyable, and well worth spending your money on.


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. Forever And A Day
2. Established 2004
3. Secrets
4. The Ocean Grave
5. Dead Planet
6. Orion
7. Means To An End (The Greatest Betrayer)
8. Friends That Used To Be
9. Heart Vs Beats
10. The Toughest Kids
11. Aftermath

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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