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                                                                                             The Fall   Independent Release

This Melodic, Death Metal band from Birmingham have produced an intricate, vicious, and at times melancholic album that will reach into your very being.  The album is  based on a person who has lost everything: family, friends, love; and embarks on a quest for the meaning of life. Along the way the person experiences many emotions and reflects on their feelings, such as regret, hate, worthlessness, betrayal and sorrow ("the worst traits of  human kind, yet the exact ones that make us human").  


The opening track 'And So It Begins' is a smooth light melodic start to this work of autumnal majesty.  Then you are drawn into 'Parity', with melodic keyboards and a slow build up the guitars crash in and take you through a snarling, growling journey of metal intensity instantly discarding  the delicateness of the opening to this album for a dark disturbing world of torment and hate. 

'Deliverance' rampages along from the outset with a death growl and thrashing drums, taking you into the depths, this track pummels, and beats your head against the wall, challenging your very being.  'Dust in the Sunlight' is as heavy as hell and needs to be turned up to twelve while letting the music take hold, as the guttural growls and maliciousness take hold of you.


Uttered' opens with smooth melodic keyboards then the guitars kick in and are a mesmerizing, this deep and powerful,  probably my favourite track on 'The Fall' it’s the intertwining guitars and the insanity in the vocals which really appeal and it just stays in your soul. 

'How The Silence Wept' is a meaningful, deep, and heavy tune as you would expect from the title... 'A Moment to Breath' is chilled and light as the title suggests then 'Dissolved in Emerald Waves' cascades and thunders along at a frantic pace with all the intensity of a caged psychopathic wild man ripping through time. 


Album closer 'Awaiting' has monstrous riff ages, deep harsh growls and steals you into a tormented mind of hurt, hate and all things lost, an excellent finish to a great and absorbing album.


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. ... And So, It Begins2. Parity3. Deliverance4. Dust In The Sunlight5. Uttered6. How The Silence Wept7. A Moment To Breath8. Dissolved In Emerald Wave9. Awaiting

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