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                                                                                                   AIRE Como Plomo interview 10/11/22

MM:When you first came in contact with loud music and what was your first concert?

Sabbath, Just cranking mix cassettes of their different eras, in our hometown of Tunja there existed a Rock and Metal festival, it was mostly local bands on the bill and a Sabbath tribute band just made everyone sing and headbang… obviously. It was humble but for a 11 year old who wanted to escape the small town vibe it was just so dark, unknown and distant.

MM: How did you get the band name

It went from different transformations and word play, it actually was pretty interesting to hear people's personal versions of what it meant. but ultimately and conceptly the one that stuck for “AIRE COMO PLOMO” is that it pretty much translates from a heavy Colombian jargon to “air like gunfire” or a “breathing violence” metaphor.


MM:Why did you want to play in this genre of music

It was mainly an organic evolution, we have played different genres of music throughout our careers and of course various genres of metal (we still do, it's part of the band's signature sound) but going to extreme limits was something that became fun and demanding in technical execution and visual conceptualization.


MM: Who or what inspires you to write songs? What bands have inspired you the most?

We try not be trapped in any specific lyrical theme, we have written songs about personal events, myths and legends, comic book characters, heck even about being a chronic pothead and a drunk, but ultimately being a metal band from Colombia its very hard to not write about the extreme violence and beyond real injustice that we have lived throughout our history and everyday life, aside from the political it's like unlimited death/grind/black metal themed material.


MM:Can you tell us about your music that you have released so far?

We have an EP, our debut album (A.C.P), 3 cover songs (check out our Beneath the remains viewer) and 3 singles including our latest release ERASE THE ONE. We are currently in production of our second album.


MM: Which places to play were important to you and why?

We have played for crowds of 1 to 12.000 people, great memories, but I think the U.S tour was very important for us to grow and outgrow as a band and human beings in general, coming from Colombia which is a very tropical culture type country, the metal lifestyle is extremely defiant and there is this illusion that it's better in other places like the US or Europe, but its not, it's tough everywhere, the road is tough and you have to get tough, it's like a Dream and a nightmare coming true at the same time.


MM: What was the weirdest show you ever played and why? feel free to name more than one, and don't withhold the details .

The first time we played in Rock al Parque (a Huge and free Music festival, probably the biggest in Colombia) we opened at 12:00 am for just one Guy in an Exodus t shirt and the stage crew, at the end of the show there was maybe 100 souls and they even made a circle pit, it was awesome, but it will always feel weird to be playing in a huge open air venue for such a few, being our first time on that legendary stage you have your hopes up for the show of your lifetime, curiously 2 years later we were at the same festival playing for 18,000 souls ripping the place apart with a monstruos wall of death, the sheer epicness of it is still unmatched to this day.


 MM: Are there any other types of music you would like to play with a band?

We are music geeks in general and we have played with various musicians from different genres. Personally I'm a huge motown and classic soul fan. Don´t know if my voice will handle it but it is definitely something I would enjoy.

MM: What can one expect if they go to one of your concerts?

Depends on the stage possibilities, but visually it's a striking presence. Our performance is intense, chaotic and wreckles, we have a very destructive old school hardcore punk vibe mixed with a mean headbang.


MM: Which festivals would you like to play at?

Europe and US music festivals of course, having the fortune of stepping on that magnitude of stages locally just makes you want something like that even more.


MM: What are your plans for the future?

Immediate plans are closing the year with the PR rounds for our new single and videoclip and rehearsing for a couple of kick-ass shows, but our priority is to go back where we were before Covid struck, which is back in México for 2023, touring with a new record.

MM: Thanks for the interview. Is there anything else to add?

Thanks for the support and be sure to check out our latest videoclip ERASE THE ONE. We produced it ourselves with a top notch crew who believes in the vision, so it is an uncontaminated and high caliber work of metal art.


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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