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                                                                                  Sunset on the Golden Age    Napalm Records


Okay I was one of the first to Hate these gimmick Metallers when they first came out. But having seen the band live a few times and enjoyed some tonic wine with these Scottish marauders I have warmed to them.


Live they have a venue transfixed, bouncing along throwing inflatable pirates, and parrots, although in some venues these items were rapidly confiscated .When  Alestorm are at a venue  beer soaked revelry abounds, I can’t not like these jolly Metal pirates! Opening with “Walk the Plank” you are ready to fall into shark infested waters as the courageous and fearless buccaneers prod you with a sharp hook to the edge of the ship! 


Listen to “Drink” its classic, I love the chorus “we are here to drink your beer”!!!! Guaranteed to have the crowd supping more and saluting these miscreants!


 Folk metal mixed with some Black Metal Alestorm are truly back, and back on form! Am telling you, lock up your daughters, and batten down the hatches! As they rampage through ten tracks bewildering and astonishing you with an album of magnificent tales of the sea and rum soaked mischievousness.



Check “1741 (The Battle of Cartenga) its full of tales and daring do as it takes you through an almighty tussle between the beasts of war at the battle of Cartenga .Death growls emanate from Davey Joneses locker  and  a  typhoon guitar solo will leave you slack jawed and wanting more mead! Talking of mead next is “Mead from Hell” this will have you jigging and bouncing around the cabin like a smuggler on opium, it would have seen the Jamaica Inn back in days of yore partying well into the night, and the following day as Black beard pogoes around the room and sets his whiskers on fire from partying far to near the grate!


Ah ha me shipmates “Surf Squid Warfare” wraps its tentacles firmly around your throat and spins you around the room, punch the air and drink yourself silly, this is daft as daft can be but who really cares!?! I Love it!!


 Alestorm are back!!! Love the deep devilish growls as the song comes to its finality!  “Quest for Ships” press gangs your senses and you just wanna follow these salty sea dogs on a Quest! “Wooden Leg” is damn hilarious!!!  These guys have me in stitches!  I’ve got a “wooden leg”!!!!! This is back to form without a doubt! You have to listen to the tale its brilliant!! This will be a favourite live it is simply Alestorm at their finest!  Then what the hell is this a rapping, dance folk song with “Hangover” simply  daft and crazy , a real treasure , this is what these Scots are all about they try new things and never seem to disappoint ,or get tiresome! Well shiver me timbers the album ends with an eleven heroic and ambitious tune with the title track “Sunset on the Golden age”  it is a brilliant end to a treasure trove of partying on the poop deck with drinking , singing, and cutlasses  raised this doesn’t disappoint at all, the vagabond crew are back to their best so lock up ye wenches and drink up your flagons of ale to the “Sunset of the Goldenage”!



Seb Di Gatto

Tracks01. Walk The Plank02. Drink03. Magnetic North04. 1741 (The Battle Of Cartagena)05. Mead From Hell06. Surf Squid Warfare07. Quest For Ships08. Wooden Leg!09. Hangover10. Sunset On The Golden Age

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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