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                                                                                             No Grave But The Sea

                                                                                             Label:Napalm Records

                                                                                             Release Date: 26th May 2017

Ahhhh Alestorm my favourite Pirates ,the Band that puts fun into Metal and seriously kick ass Live.

For me personally, when these guys first appeared on the scene I was not interested and thought of them as a gimmick. Well how wrong can you be! Having caught the band live twice blowing away Dragon force and being a highlight at the PPM Festival in Mons Belgium I became a fan of these crazy mutha fuckers!!  They have their haters but I tell ya the lovers outweigh the haters!


 “No Grave but The Sea” is the Bands fifth release and is insanely addictive and fun. Opening with the title track the chorus is instantly catching and had me singing along on the first listen, get ready and bang your head and watch out for the flying grape shot and sail away with these crazy storming Ale drinkers! Yo Ho Mexico!!  “Mexico” is up next and is gonna be totally crazy live, get your blow-up cactuses and err donkeys here! of course this has been released so everyone will be familiar with this glorious ditty. “To the End of The World” is growly and glorious as you sail the seven seas and salute these questing marauders.


“Alestorm” comes up next and whips you in a frenzy of a cat o nine tails, another doozy to be a hit live like “Mexico” this has been seen already and the video to this song is simply awesome!

 Oh “Bar und Imbiss” is a ditty captain Blackbeard and his cohorts would have been proud of, as of course the amazingly titled and hilarious “Fucked with an Anchor” this is class and funny as hell people with no sense of humour wont appreciate this, it’s one to blast out damn loud every day and all day!  “Peg leg Potion” makes me laugh and smile and reminds me of the Pirate “Tortuga” Bar in Durbuy Belgium you must visit and enjoy their potions, say no more!


“Man, The Pumps” works your muscles as you pump the bilges and sing along. “Rage of The Pentahook” pummels along and sees its rusty hooks embedding them in your body as you watch your back for the Pentahook!


“Treasure Island” is a huge ending to an exceptionally well executed fun release from these rebels of skulduggery and alcoholic liver abusing dudes!


I think this is the Bands best release so far and one I will be playing regularly all Hail Alestorm and Get your parrots out and get ready to raise up your tankards!

These guys are a must see live and always deliver on their Albums and “No Grave but The Sea” is no exception as these dastardly cut throats stand and deliver (ok that’s a highway man!)  and warm ya cockles with ten raiding, daring do adventures all washed down with copious amounts of Rum and Mead.  


Review:Seb Di Gatto   Score: 9.5/10


Reviewed: 20.05.17

Track Listing:

1. No Grave But The Sea

2. Mexico

3. To the End of the World

4. Alestorm

5. Bar und Imbiss

6. Fucked with an Anchor

7. Pegleg Potion

8. Man the Pumps

9. Rage of the Pentahook

10. Treasure Island


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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