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                                                                                                         Alex Meister

                                                                                                        Title: Rock And A Hard Place

                                                                                                        Label: RFL Records

                                                                                                        Release Date: 16th December 2022
Woah what’s this? A party album to end the year? Hell, yeah former Pleasure Maker and Marenna-Meister guitarist Alex Meister rocks up with some sublime grooves dripping in 80s hard rocking good time moves with “Rock in a Hard Place” this opus simply ticks all the boxes and drips with attitude and singalong choruses so loved by those of us lucky to grow up in this awesome decade when Rock and Metal ruled the airwaves.

First up “Game Of Love” opens proceedings, already released, this song has you shaking your booty and singing along in no time its pure-bred magical tones work and cast a spell on you instantly, leading to my favorite track “Feel It This Time” a party anthem drizzled in a KISS vibe this track will indeed have you rocking and rolling all night. If you aren’t hooked already wait til you hear “It Ain't About Love”, this is hard rock at its finest with killer riffs and a great chorus, a proper old-school anthem. There’s a slight switch in tempo as “Twisted Desire” and the delicious “Lonely Is The Night” spill outta ya speakers, the guitar solos are sublime and kick ass!

The album continues with the majestic “Just Thinking About You” and the simply stunning melodic tones of “Next To Me” a superb ballad that drips class and reaches into your soul and gives your heart a squeeze. The tremendous songs continue to flow like a fine wine as Alex continues to make his guitar sing and rocks your world with “Hard  To Say Goodbye”.

Another crowd-pleasing number is “Only A Dream” a real gem of a track, with some killer licks this is hard and edgy rock at its finest. 

The penultimate track “What We Left Behind” is a great rocker. The driving tones continue as the final song “Chains of Love” blasts out as big guitars and a chunky backbone rhythm section all capped off by killer vocals bring this work of art to completion and has you hitting replay again and again, this eleven-track monster is sublime, catchy, and hellishly addictive!

To sum up:

If you are looking for a killer, hard rocking good time album to end 2022 “A Rock in A Hard Place” is a must. IT RAWKS!

Review: Seb Di Gatto     Score:9.5/10


1. Game Of Love
2. Feel It This Time
3. It Ain't 'Bout Love
4. Twisted Desire
5. Lonely Is The Night
6. Just Thinkin About You
7. Next To Me
8. Hard To Say Goodbye
9. Only A Dream
10. What We Left Behind
11. Chains Of Love

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