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                                                                                                                 All Hail The Yeti

                                                                                                            AFM Records

All Hail The Yeti have produced a monster debut (pun intended), it’s heavy, dark, doomy with a hint of Metal Core and swamp infested bluesy album full of southern grooves.  It opens with 'Deep Creek', a song of terrifying proportions as you are chased and stalked by a hairy monster, that monster being the “Yeti” of course.  It's doomy, sludgy and gears you up for an earful of sinister and mythical skullduggery.


Thunderous riffs and fierce lyrics are predominant throughout and not one song disappoints. 


'When the Sky Falls' is a roaring track, with hell to leather passionate riffs and paint peeling core vocals.  'Suicide Woods' takes you into the deep woods and even includes a "fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of everyone" ... lyric, maybe cheesy but I think it works and ties in nicely with the song. 


 The Weak and the Wounded' is a narrative from Brad Andersons creep show, it weaves its magic catching you unaware and then you are taken into a burning building as 'After The Great Fire' grabs you, singeing your mind, its sludge and stoner production takes you into the sheer hell and terror of being trapped with no escape as the flames lick and take hold of your body. 


'Bloodguilt' is a bit faster than the previous track and the core of metal is strongly evident.  'The Art of Mourning' is probably my favourite track on here, it's heavy and addictive, in fact the first time I heard this song was on the AFM compilation and  I found it instantly likeable, if not addictive with its southern blues tinged song of revenge.


Distorted guitars open 'Axe Murder Hollow', it’s grinding, slicing and tearing into your head. 

So as I approach the final tracks of this album I have to give a big hairy thumbs up to All Hail The Yeti! 


The Final track is 'Judas Cradle', it opens with drumming and really rocks, tripping into your very being. 'Judas Cradle' really is a behemoth running for twenty one minutes!, but hold on !!! the song fades out after six minutes and you are transported into a 15 minute background of ambient forest noises, then near the end you get the sound of the Yeti stepping on twigs. 


The intriguing name of the band comes from vocalist Connor Garrity's childhood fascination with the mythical abominable snowman of the Himalayas, the Yeti and like the giant beastie, this debut is massive!


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. Deep Creek2. When The Sky Falls3. Suicide Falls4. The Weak And The Wounded (Prelude To Flames)5. After The Great Fire6. Bloodguilt7. The Art Of Mourning8. I Am Wendigod9. Axe Murder Hollow10. Ruby Ridge11. Judas Cradle


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