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MG: The release of "Fast and Glorious"is soon , what are your feelings as the release date approaches


1) JOE: It's undoubtedly good for a band to be waiting for the release of its own album and hope without false illiusions to be able to convey everybody the same emotion we have felt while listening to "Fast And Glorious"!

MG: Why the title "Fast and Glorious"?


2) LUKE: Because these two words are the synthesis of our sound!! FAST for the speed of the sound and GLORIOUS for the epic approach and atmospheres!!

MG : do you have any favourite tracks on the album

3) LUKE: All the tracks are our "sons" and it's difficult to choose the favourite ones expecially in this full lenght of 8 tracks composed to be a solid metal album.

MG:   What  your Plans  are the bands plans  for the remainder  of the year and whats in store for next  next year

4) JOE: We'll try to promote the Cd live, as the album has been conceived for that reason, and it will be our priority for next year.

MG: If I had never heard Alltheniko before which two tracks would you have me listen to

5) LUKE: "Feel the Power" ("Devasterpiece" album) and "KaiserSteel" ("Fast And Glorious") are the best examples of our approach!!

MG: Can you give me some insight into the bands name

6) LUKE: There's a small village near our hometown, in Italian its name is OLDENICO...

MG : Did the band all have an input into the album art work

7) JOE: Yes, it has been a team-work! surely because of the total trust we have for each other, but also because we have had clear ideas from the start, and that has made us everything easier.

MG: What would be your ultimate goal for Alltheniko

8) JOE: Over the years we have acquired the ability to put us always into question, we don't move forward into our goals with blinkers.   We believe that today there's a need to strengthen the sense of identity and belonging to metal.
this music is immortal! and today ALLTHENIKO is trying to give its little contribution to the music loved, and to do so with no compromises at all.

MG; Feeling towards the metal scene in Italy

9) JOE: The Italian Metal is now mature, it has its own recognizable stylistic features, there are great bands and great people both from a human and professional point of view. Italy has actually everything to emerge from anonymity, it's just a matter of time by now!

MG : What have you been listening to lately

10) JOE: Heavy Metal, with Saxon and Judas Priest always in our playlists!

MG; Its been another good year for metal music do you have any personal favourite  albums

11) JOE: ACCEPT's and OVERKILL's releases, Amazing!

MG: Pasta or Beer?

12) JOE: As an Italian I say Pasta, as a Metalhead I say Beer!

MG: Tell me why we should buy " Fast and Glorious"

13) LUKE: When we'll be famous this album will make you very rich...

MG: Three words to describe ALLTHENIKO

14) LUKE: Fast And Glorious...ehehe!!

MG final words for fans and listeners

15) Fans? We all are fans and We all are listeners!  this is the true message of Fast And Glorious : in Union We Stand!





The Metal Gods Meltdown

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