Alpha Boys Interview  13.01.20

MM: Can you tell us about your Band Alpha Boys and how you are different from other Bands in Sweden   

Alpha Boys are 4 guys, plus a stand in drummer, from Värnamo, Småland, southern sweden.

Its me, Alphafille on vocals, Dave destruction and Johnny appendix on guitar and Ünforzer on bass!

Zubseeman has been or standin drummer while we have been searching for The one Who wanna bang some skin for us. 

We play deathpunk and we have been doing that since 2016 or something.

Our biggest influences are turbonegro and motörhead,  as you can hear on The album.

Hum, i dont think there are any swedish bands that plays in red polos and fast glasses.

MM:"Saviours of Rock n Roll" gets released soon why that title and how pleased are you with the finished product

We are a band that plays big on irony and "silly" things, and The title felt so right for this debut. And Who knows, maybe we Will save rockn roll? 


We were recording it with Ulf Blomberg as a producer at The end studios in Lund, and we feel that he found what we were looking for, so we are pleased. 


MM:Which two tracks would you play me to introduce metro your Band

Thats a really Hard question, all songs have something special in them that you wanna show, but i personally would choose  Han(d) Solo, and Too smart to be sober... close to them it would be current report, because its really one of a kind song on this album, a song that became much better than we expected, and with a Nice meatloaf part in The end. Albums only ballad.


MM: The Album Cover is interesting is that a clear reprensentation of you guys 

The cover is made be The amazing Elin Kothe,  and its exactly how or beer bodies look.  Im in love with the cover, eveything is amazing about it. 


MM:How have you kept yourself occupied during these crazy days of lockdowns and uncertainty

We have been working on The release of The album and recorded some videos.  

And now we are working on rehearsals for album number two!

Its going really good and hopefully we Will efter The studio early this year.

MM;How important do you feel patreon is to artists 

I have no opinion on patreon,  we have meter tried it and im not sure we ever will. 

MM: How has COVID affected the Band and yourself personally and what effect do you see it having on the music industry going forward 

Covid did that we lost a lot of gigs and time to interact with people.

And The bars are Having a really hard time right know, so that has been The biggest change.  To few gigs.



Lets forget covid and talk about live performances etc


MM: Do you have  plans for the new year tour and festival wise or live streaming  

Plans for this year is of course The release of The album, allways fun to release something new.

Hopefully The restrictions and covid will ease in The world, so we can play a lot of gigs.

The second album will be recorded and also some more music videos.

MM: What can we expect from you guys live? 

 A live gig with us is much energy,  beer, a Nice party and red polos of course!


MM: How do you prepare before a performance and do you get nervous

Some Nice food, some beer, good people around and just trying to fire up ourselfs to give it all for The audience. 

We are used to The stage from other bands, but of course  you get a bit nervous,  in a really good and important way.


MM: Which three Bands would be your ultimate touring buddies 

It must be turbonegro,  hank von hell  and John Bull gang!

MM: You’re at your favorite artist’s concert... , what song do they close with to make it a perfect night? 

I can only answer for myself,  and it would be Iron Maiden finishing of with Alexander The Great. Those Who knows, knows why!


MM: You are stuck in quarantine for a year which musician dead or alive who would you have with you? 

Also this question is for myself,  and it would be steve harris,  from Iron Maiden, he seems like a down to earth dude, with Great stories to tell. 


MM: Imagine having to give me the last thing you brought, what would you gift be

That would be a good meal of gyros!


MM:  One of your songs  could appear on a soundtrack or any film or cult tv series would you choose and why Hard question... maybe too smart to be sober or Georgina W Butch in The Netflix series "Tiger King". Because of The people appering in The series and The redneck feeling it gives you!

1.Festival or Small Intimate Gig 

Small Intimate Gig

2.Vinyl or Digital 
Vinyl all day

3.Meatballs or Beer 
 BEER (Meatballs the day after)
4. Greta Thunberg or Donald Trump

 Arnold Schwarzenegger
5.  Abba or Hammerfall te gig


Thank you for The question, hope its not to Hard to figure out my answers.

Dont forget to check out and share our videos and music.


Now, lets get wasted!

Over and out, AlphaFille from The A-Boys


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