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                                                                                            Title: Get It Out

                                                                                            Label: Megaforce Records

                                                                                            Release Date: January 18, 2019

Early in 2014 Megadeth’s Dave Ellefson and Anthrax’s Frank Bello released a three track self-titled EP which  got massive airplay world wide, and now in 2019 these two Gods of Thrash Metal release their  Debut Album titled “Get It Out” with many  guest musicians this Hard rocking platter will warm you up and have you hooked instantly in these cold miserable January nights!  

Not only is this release  thought provoking, deep and hard hitting its a work of Art.


As Frank Bello himself states:

“A lot of these lyrics are about the inner struggles of my life, and about the rage that has built up from my life experiences—my brother’s murder; my father abandoning my family when we were young, leaving us with no funds to pay the bills. … The ups and downs of life in general. I’ve always had an anger inside that music really helps me deal with.” 


Opening with the title track” Get it out” sucker punches you in the guts as the Drums shake the foundations, Bello’s amazing Vocals instantly have you in their grip as you sing along to this Hard Rocking statement of intent as Stone Sours Christian Martucci melts your face with some delicious riffs. Another blistering attack on the senses is the first single from this opus “Late” features Ace Frehleys trademark riffs as the guys muse on life on the road as a touring musician and being a father, it’s a song acknowledging how it’s not always so easy to be travelling the world away from your loved ones. The anger is felt in “Out of here” as the song covers abandonment by Bello’s father in his youth, featuring some killer riffs from Jon Donais of Anthrax and Shadows Fall, this one strips and smashes your soul.


Nita Strauss of Alice Cooper fame releases some searing solos and melodies on my personal favorite on “Part of Me” love the pounding Drums, Solo and kick ass lyrics, excellent! “Slip” is another tale from Bello’s childhood in the Bronx about a friendly neighbor who fell into the wastelands of alcoholism and drugs, a thing that’s so easy to fall into without self-control. More thought on mid life as “Talk to me” wraps its melodies around your head. Then the stunningly trippy and captivating instrumental “Leviathan” sees Ellefson taking you on a magical carpet ride of different emotions, its simply sublime. “Cold” does anything but make you shiver this morsel of Hard Rocking will have you bouncing around the room with its addictive rhythms. “Another Day” is another firm fave of mine on here, this release just keeps coming up trumps and doesn’t disappoint at all, as the lyrical theme hits a nerve in me at this moment in time!  “All There is” features Ellefson’s daughter Athena on Piano this deep and meandering track surprises and draws you into a dream like state.


The final three tracks are from 2014s EP and have been added on as bonus tracks on here “Booze and Cigarettes” tells the tale of Bello’s grandmother who was a teetotaler and had never smoked in her life, he used to tell her  “Do what you want; forget the rest” and get “Booze and Cigarettes” on her way to getting Chemo treatment to cheer her up, another song I can personally relate to. “Tell the World” is another surprise number on here with its gentle tones then final song “Here Again” blasts outta ya speakers and is really the only track reminiscent of both musicians Bands but leaning more to Anthrax and with some awesome scintillating licks from Gus G, brings “Get it out” to a close. Don’t be expecting a Thrash Album here, this is a meaningful release from two Metal legends that show another side to their art “Get it out” surprises and pleases and is a cracking start to 2019!


Review :Seb Di Gatto   Score: 9/10




Track listing: 

1. Get It Out

2. Late

3. Out Here

4. Part of Me

5. Slip

6. Talk to Me

7. Leviathan

8. Cold

9. Another Day

10. All There Is

11. Booze and Cigarettes

12. Tell the World

13. Here Again



Band Line up:

Frank Bello - Vocals, Electric Rhythm Guitars, Bass Solo David Ellefson - Bass, Electric Rhythm Guitars


Guest Musicians:

Christian Martucci - Lead & Melody Guitars

Jeff Fried - Drums

Ace Frehley. - Electric Lead Guitars

Miki Black - Backing Harmony Vocals/additional

Jon Donais - Electric Lead Guitar Solo

Nita Strauss - Electric Guitar Solo Miki Black - Backing Harmony Vocals

Gus G - Lead Guitar Solo

Russ Parrish - Nylon String, Electric Lead Guitar and Solos

Athena Ellefson – Piano

Randy Walker - Hammond Organ



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