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                                                                               Always Fallen 
                                                       The Age Of Rivalry  Mausoleum Records

Hailing from Belgium, (okay Helguim) we have a young Melodic Thrash band called Always Fallen.  This is the bands second album and encompasses traditional thrash with some edgy vocals, that can be compared to Trivium (which in my mind is no bad thing).   'You Carved My Name' bolts out of the stable and karate kicks you in the guts, you cannot fail to be impressed by the bands technical abilities and how catchy the opening track is. 


By no means is this straight down the line thrash the band mix it up, with a heady mix of hard-core vocals and metal mastery continuing to belt out of your speakers with the powerful 'A Life of Solitude'.  


Having never heard of these Belgian rockers I am very impressed with the bands diverse, and fairly distinctive take on traditional metal 'Unshackled' is a complete blend of hard-core and classic metal with an edge.  'The Age of Rivalry' is a creeping hardened number that builds and builds with lead guitarist Jens Patteeuw, rhythm guitarist Mike Wage, bassist Pieter Nyckees excelling, and fierce drumming from Thibault Coosemans and vocalist Kenny Devos spitting the bands attitude with all of his might. 


Then you get a track like 'One Chance' which is melodic, yet heavy and goes for the kill as the track nears its end.  The strait jacket is ripped off as the tempo is kicked up a few notches and the band commence battle with 'Psycho Warfare'.  'Rebellion' has a fist in the air punching chorus thatpromises to demolish.  'Annunaki' and 'Black Head'  like most of the tracks on here are guaranteed to get a mosh-pit to flare up.


Penultimate track 'Crucifixion Of The Poor' has some creative riffs and kicks hard.  As does the final track 'Through The Struggle', brilliant stuff.  'Age Of Rivalry' is a more than competent album from a band who deserve to be heard, and I for one will be keeping an eye out for these metallers from Belguim.    


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. You Carved My Name
2. A Life In Solitude
3. Unshackled
4. The Age Of Rivalry
5. Left For Dead
6. One Chance
7. Psycho Warfare
8. Rebellion
9. Anunnaki
10. Back-Head
11. Crucifixion Of The Poor
12. Through The Struggle

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