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                                                                                                               Label:Nuclear Blast Records

                                                                                                               Release Date: 2nd October 2020

For an all-out roller coaster of many highs and death defying moves we have this gripping release from Amaranthe with their sixth Album “Manifest”. This Swedish Band have the uniqueness of three Vocalists, each with different styles , firstly the gorgeous and highly talented Elize Ryd with her powerful tones along with Henrik Englund Wilhelmsson providing the growls and Nil Molin as the male clean vocalist on this superb release.


Opening proceedings we get “Fearless” with its symphonic and electro overtones it sets the marker for what is to follow this opener captivates and enthuses you as this poppy Metal opener surprises.  Without a doubt Elize Vocals make this platter as Amaranthe “Make it Better” the three Vocal styles are insanely addictive no more so than on this track as they make it work together. “Scream my Name” growls and rocks up and indeed has you screaming and banging your head as this killer song envelops you.

Lead single “Viral” has an apt title in these uncertain plague filled days, and basically rocks your socks off, as this track seeps into your conscience and spreads inside you.  Feel your blood pumping around your body as the high octane and deliriously catchy “Adrenaline” works out and batters you senseless. “Strong” for me is the piece de resistance its lyrics and meaning for me personally touch and motivate, this number has so much grace and personality, which will see this song being lapped up live. The racing “The Game” bombards you with its energy and full to the brim with majestic musicianship.

The obligatory ballad is up next “Crystalline”   a simple master class in beauty and leaves one with goose bumps. “Archangel” has you bopping around the room, it’s delightfully spell blinding and pure ear candy.

Now “Boom” is a what the hell kind of moment, but yeah  its  highly fun and punchy, it’s an electro funky monkey kind of tune age that should be flying high in the mainstream charts, in fact I love it! “Die and Wake up” surpises you with its brutality mixing the beauty and the beast perfectly  as the Vocals from Elize and Wilhelmsson work their magic. Finally we come to “Do or Die” a triumphant finish to a stellar release with the added Might of Angela Gossow making an appearance.

I have really enjoyed “Manifest” and would highly recommend this platter, it’s heavy, stylistic and catchy as hell, with its amazing melodies, that range between Melodic Death Metal, Power Metal and Dance it simply is a must!

Review: Seb Di Gatto Score: 9.5/10

Reviewed: 11/09/20


Track listing

1. Fearless

2. Make It Better

3. Scream My Name

4. Viral

5. Adrenaline

6. Strong

7. The Game

8. Crystalline

9. Archangel

10. BOOM!

11. Wake Up and Die

12. Do or Die


Elize Ryd (v) Olof Mörck (g, k) Henrik Englund Wilhelmsson (v) Johan Andreassen (b) Morten Løwe Sørensen (d) Nils Molin (v) + Noora Louhimo (v on tr. 6) Angela Gossow (v on tr. 12)


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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