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                                                                                                          Title:Queen of Time

                                                                                                          Label:Nuclear Blast

                                                                                                          Release Date: 18th May 2018

Amorphis are one of my favourite bands, let`s make no bones about it, having seen them live on numerous occasions and being a fan of all things Amorphis I couldn't wait to get my grubby mitts on this Album, now I have been listening to “Queen of Time” as much as humanly possible what with work and my other commitments and I am now ready to get my thoughts down on this the groups thirteenth release.


Opening with the lead Single “The Bee” the soaring female vocals and synths send shivers through you as the track builds and the growls from Tomi Joutsen have you instantly addicted, his voice is phenomenal on this platter sometimes full of mournful fervour, combined with clear singing and at other times growling throughout this opus as the exhilarating “Message in Amber” follows ,its deep and dramatic with the added bonus of a choir ,a totally new concept for these Finns that works so well and transfixes you with its epic ness.


“Daughter of Hate” has you banging your head as the growls emanate from the depths of hell, as the song opens, then changes into a mournful tone that then builds with its dark choirs and Black Metal vibe shaking the walls of Valhalla as this exceptional track steals your soul it’s a real roller coaster ride of emotions. 

The folkish “The Golden Elk” has a celestial feel with its classical backing and doom-laden vibe it is an inspiring mournful track of huge proportions. “Wrong Direction” is possibly my favourite, it changes daily to be honest! The flute and Drums and lyrical content hit a nerve in my soul, as the track weaves its magic into your being.

“Heart of the Giant” is typical Amorphis yet fresh and different if that makes sense with the choir in the back ground again sending tremors up and down your being as this cinematic piece enraptures you with its massive sounding content. “We Accursed” is fucking huge it’s a magnificent beast it’s a heroic monumental song that sends your heart into massive palpitations as you sing and bang your head hard to this killer song.


“Amongst Stars” has a guest appearance from Anne van Giersbergen making this song super special, this is possibly one of the best Metal Anthems you will hear in many a year, it oozes class and will be a surprise to many Amorphis fan. “Pyres on the coast” wraps up one of the best releases so far this year and encapsulates what has gone before!


Summing up: “Queen of Time” is an outstanding accomplished work of art, all the tracks take you on a turbulent adventure with many twists and surprising turns, mixing Metal, folklore and Rock these experts of melancholic, doom laden music continue in their 30th year, long may it continue. This is going to be amazing live, choosing the setlist is going to be a headache as these guys keep growing and getting stronger with every release!


Reviewed By: Seb Di Gatto          Score: 10/10            Facebook    Website 



1. The Bee

2. Message In The Amber

3. Daughter Of Hate

4. The Golden Elk

5. Wrong Direction

6. Heart Of The Giant

7. We Accursed

8. Grain Of Sand

9. Amongst Stars

10. Pyres On The Coast

Bonus tracks (digi, 2LP, and mail-order edition only)

11. As Mountains Crumble

12. Brother And Sister


Band Line up:


Tomi Joutsen

Esa Holopainen

Tomi Koivusaari

Santeri Kallio

Olli-Pekka Laine

Jan Rechberger

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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