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                                                                                                             For All Kings
                                                                                                             Label:Nuclear Blast
                                                                                                             Release Date: February 26th 2016

It’s been many years since I have fully enjoyed an Album by American Thrash Maestros Anthrax but “For All Kings” works its magic , casting it's spell it  has gotten me back on track with these Veterans.

Opening with a dark and brooding orchestral theme  featuring  a crowd in full voice which grows louder as “You Gotta Believe” erupts with exploding riffs igniting a fire this is a real barn stormer , it  sees Anthrax deliver some serious crunching, head banging missiles into the stratosphere, it  takes a different and unexpected route part way through the song with a guitar solo that frys your mind as the drums come back to the fore and “You Gotta Believe” reaches it's end.

“Monsters at the End” relies more on a melodic groove, rather than a full on mosh pit frenzy of thrash atude, that’s left for the totally ass kicking title track “For All Kings” my favorite track on here it's grooves catch you making your pulse race faster than the speed of light ,this is classic Anthrax that will appease, and please the bands fans.


“Breathing Light” like all of the album has some grandiose solos from Jonathan Donais combined with Scott Ian’s hard hitting riffs that continue to draw you into a potentially classic Anthrax album.

I have always preferred Joey Belladonnas vocals  and he delivers some soaring notes with Charlie Bentanes drums thundering away with deeply resonating Bass courtesy of Frank Bello, it's depth and catchy musicianship wins you over in no time.


There’s a 55 second interlude as the instrumental “Breathing Out” floats out of your speakers, leading to the full on “Suzerain” the drums thunder , determined  to  knacker your brain cells!!  make sure you have this on loud, as loud as you possibly can  along with another highlight on here “Evil Twin” the lyrics taunt, thrash and animate as these Thrashers excite and delight turning back the years, this so  easily could have been on any of the bands earlier releases.


Just short of eight minutes long “Blood Eagle Wings “is as sharp as a switchblade  it's delivery holds you transfixed and totally bound  up in the bands majestic  tones.

“Defend Avenge” will go down well ,with it's chest thumping , fist shaking ,addictive chorus with subtle air raid siren guitar solo, well that’s what I heard!!!  

“All of Them Thieves” well I just could not get into it at all, maybe I need to listen a bit more  but it is a song I feel could have been left out of this release.


“This Battle Chose Us” like the previous number just fails to enthrall ,although it will still blister and melt your face.

Final song “Zero Tolerance” smashes it's way in , and massacres every brain cell with it's frantic , frenzied killer riffs.  


“For All Kings “is a majestic release with only a couple of tracks that don’t quite win, but in time am sure they will grow on you.  The Meltdown gives it the thumbs up .A mention has to go to the eye catching artwork designed by Alex Ross which features all the band members towering over a rampant " thrax "  crowd , one for the picture frame I think!


Review: Seb Di Gatto  Score:9/10



2.You Gotta Believe
3.Monster at the End
4.For All Kings
5.Breathing Lightning

6.Breathing Out
8.Evil Twin
9.Blood Eagle Wings
10.Defend Avenge
11.All of Them Thieves
12.This Battle Chose Us
13.Zero Tolerance


ANTHRAX Line up:
Joey Belladonna vocals
Scott Ian  rhythm guitar
Frank Bello  bass
Charlie Benante drums
Jonathan Donais  guitar





The Metal Gods Meltdown

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