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                                                                                                                     Anti Clone

                                                                                                            The Root of Man

                                                                                                            Label:PHD (Plastic Head Distribution)

                                                                                                            Release Date:29th April 2016

 Anti Clone will release their debut album upon the world at the end of April “The Root of Man” is a Metal and Industrial infused brew that is instantly addictive and entrancing.

This four piece from Boston Lincolnshire drips and soaks  into your cerebral cortex as every track weaves its insane magic.

There’s not one bad track on this album , believe me the whole electronica vibe and harsh melodic lyrics delve deep into your consciousness, they fascinate and draw you in as the story of “The Root of Man" unfolds , it's captivating and enticing , the band take you on a rollercoaster ride through the utmost extremity of human emotions and actions.  


The title track opens proceedings ,and you are led you down the path into the garden of Eden which seems bright and cheerful then the darkness envelopes you as Mr. Clone and band lead you on a dark  journey as “Deracinated” delivers some razor sharp guitars and pounding industrial doom enthused magnificence, the final chorus will be lapped up by the crowds I tell ya! “Switchblade” is another one with lyrics that are going to be a dream live!

It’s one that will stay in your head for days and you may even experience a musically induced psychosis!


 Ah man my favorite tune on here is the exceptionally  named “A Sight for Sewn Eyes” this song is coolness personified, it drives deep into your body like rusted nails, this tune is a monstrous beauty from these Lincolnshire Beasts! and it makes you grin.

“B9” reminds you of  blades whirling around in a darkened disused Mill as the old machinery comes to life , it threatens to  claim your soul.

The growls and resonant beats send shivers up and down your spine.

“Twisted Neck” has some interesting grooves and melodies the tempo is moderate and truly insidious.

The excellent “Mechanical Heart” is another highlight for me , it's origins are based around digital and mechanical control this is so relevant and true in the twenty first century as we sell our souls to technology and  become lifeless machines.   


“Feed The Machine” has some cunning and expletive lyrics that rhyme and will see you punching the air in a rhythm fueled ecstasy!

“ComaSpace” as the title suggests is a strange even ethereal number at times that changes its direction as the song progresses.

 Penultimate track “Astaroth” is a defiant piece where the world rises up , has had enough, and you believe Mr. Clone as he  weaves the tale as the truth rots away.

Final song “Sentinel” is just under eight minutes long it includes some spectacular industrial flourishes combined with the deep and doomy riffs it’s an exhilarating finish  to what possibly has to be one of the Best Debut Albums of 2016.


This Album is going to take the world by storm, with the right support and help this band can be massive!  I am sure these miscreants from the murder capital of the UK have produced something immensely special, unique and atmospheric that will whet everyone’s appetite, they sound amazing on this Album and with their look and reviews about their shows this band are going to be fucking killer live! I for one cannot wait to catch these guys .

This band are the ultimate fans dream  package,  we haven’t been so excited about a band from the UK in many a year. The band have even had the services of mystery man Mister Sam (Rob Zombie, Fear Factory)  to help design the bands new logo, Album Artwork as well as many other projects within the band that have yet to be un leashed upon the world.  


Final words By Mr.Clone as he explains ‘The Root Of Man':The Root of Man’ is intended to hold a dual meaning. Firstly, it questions the beginning of the human race, starting with Eve committing original sin which resulted in us being cast out of Eden. This is echoed in the title track with the lyrics: “The root of man is evil; the root of man is sin”. This theme is explored further throughout the album, looking at the extremes of human emotion and actions. The second meaning is that ‘The Root Of Man’ symbolises our beginning as a band. These are the roots that we are planting to fully establish ourselves as our own entity, to establish ourselves as Anti-Clone.”


Review: Seb Di Gatto  Score10/10          Facebook        Website



1) The Root Of Man
2) Deracinated
3) SwitchBlade
4) A Sight For Sewn Eyes
5) B9
6) Twisted Neck
7) Mechanical Heart
8) Feed The Machine
9) ComaSpace
10) Astaroth
11) Sentinel


Anti-Clone Are:

Mr Clone – Lead vocals
Con – Guitars and backing vocals
Lam – Guitars and backing vocals
Mike – Bass guitar
Drew – Drums / programming



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