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                                                                                                        Title: Human

                                                                                                        Label: Independent

                                                                                                        Release date: 16th September 2022


It’s been four years since Anti Clone released anything, but the wait is thankfully over! They are back with a vengeance as they release “Human” a 5 track EP focusing on our crazy world that’s become one cluster fuck of epic proportions since the first COVID-19 lockdowns. Will the world ever be the same? Who knows, probably not.  Back with a new look, Lincolnshire’s finest are vicious and uncompromising as the title track “Human” crushes your skull with its pounding beats and hellish intent as Peter “CLONE” Moore instructs the masses and the battering ram drums of Drew “ALPHA” Moore shake the foundations of the world this is a ferocious opener, with an insanely addictive video as well.


Next up is “Punish me” a metal vortex of extremes that’s uncompromising and thrusts into your conscience as you feel your teeth rattle and skin prickle as the metal shards of venom are unleashed.  “End of The World” focuses on the pandemic, where we have all come to realize life is not that long, and to grab every opportunity life throws at us with open hands. A gentler track but this is soon righted as “Spiteful” kicks in bangs your head and slams your body to the canvas as heavy channels of molten industrial metal are delivered with malice and virulence.  The thudding rhythm section of Pat “KAKES” Godin and Alphas Drums leads you into a metal scream dream of killer grooves. While William “26” Richardson works his guitar and “CLONE” spits and growls the lyrics “Army of me” just leaves you begging for more.

This is a triumphant return let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long for a full-blown album from Anti-Clone. 

                                            Review: Seb Di Gatto       Score:5/5           Reviewed:01.09.22


1. Human

2. Punish me

3. End of the world

4. Spiteful

5. Army of me

Anti-Clone is:
Vocals - Peter "CLΩNE" Moore
Guitar - William "26" Richardson
Bass - Pat "KAKES" Godin
Drums - Drew "ALPHA" Moore

Connect with Anti-Clone:



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