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                                                                           Hope In Hell  Steamhammer / SPV Records

Anvil are a band who I have always liked and admired, I can still visualize myself listening to the classic 'Metal on Metal' back in the Eighties, a time when the band were on the cusp of becoming huge, of course as we all know, it never happened back then.  

Anvil are a band who continued tirelessly to ply their trade and kind of got forgotten about until their 2009 movie documentary 'The Story Of Anvil', which made them famous the world over and rekindled the Metal community’s interest in these Canadians. 


So here we have 'Hope in Hell', this is the bands 15th album and needs to be something special, following 2011's 'Juggernaut of Justice', an album that really put the band back on the map.  Since the documentary and their previous album, the band have been touring the world and playing numerous festivals.  A line-up change has seen, Sal Italiano has taken on bass duties, with the iconic and legendary Lips on vocals and Anvil drum demon Robb Reiner.


The album title opens it up, this is heavy laden, doom enthused metal, and just how we like Anvil to be.  I can imagine this becoming a fan favourite.  'Eat Your Words' will have you banging your head, punching the air and generally straining every muscle in your body.  It's heavy, fast and delicious. Talking of delicious, 'The Fight is Never Won' sees the band back in classic 80`s mode.  It's damn catchy and should become an Anvil classic. 


'Pay The Toll' sees the band smashing and grabbing some meaty riffs, it wouldn’t be out of place on a Motorhead album. 'Flying' is totally cheesy, but really works, it’s the story of the bands flights and travels around the world, cleverly done, it’s like ... “hell yeah look at us we are still here and we go to Toronto, Aberdeen, Australia, Alaska, Greece, the whole wide world!!!!".  Watch the Anvil video and you will understand this song.  It’s their deserved victory tune, anthem even!  


'Call of Duty' has Robb Reiners drums pounding and war is declared as you are enlisted into the killing fields .  'Badass Rock n' Roll' is next and well this album is totally that!  Love the lyric ... “Bang your head til your dead!" ... Final track 'Shut The Fuck Up' is a tune we can all relate to, you know the type of song when you hate someone so much and well ... “Shut The Fuck Up!!“ Say no more!! 

'Hope in Hell' will appeal to fans of the band and hopefully more.  It's Anvil at the end of the day, no new styles or following trends, it’s raw with no frills attached! They do what they say on the tin!  Blast it out loud, bang your head and enjoy!!!


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. Hope In Hell2. Eat Your Words3. Through With You4. The Fight Is Never Won5. Pay The Toll6. Flying7. Call Of Duty8. Badass Rock N Roll9. Time Shows No Mercy10. Mankind Machine11. Shut The Fuck Up

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