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                                                                                                          Title:Paradox of Denial

                                                                                                          Label: Independent

Canadian Rockers Ara Pacis return with “Paradox of Denial" An eclectic mix of Hard Rocking Progressive Metal with many exciting twists and turns as you journey through this seven-track monster.

The Album gets under way with the cracking “Order of The Queen” and you start to feel like you are being taken on a majestic journey as AraPacis mix it up on this opener with an appearance from Rainbows David Stone it sure whets your appetite for whats to follow as “Pressure Cooker” has a downtrodden Bluesy effect and sees the super talented Shelle Macpherson stretching her Vocal chords as Jerry Fielden lets loose some killer riffs this is a pure master piece with its down and dirty grooves, love it and one of my favourite tracks alongside  the next track “Propaganda Messiah” a progressive Metal piece that astounds you with its grunge fuelled opening that then breaks into something astounding as the track progresses surprises and enthrals one with the growls from the pits of hell from Macpherson that then turns into a short operatic piece, with a bit of Jazz fusion all mixed together it works and is really different and leaves this reviewer open mouthed.. like... WOW! A song I have gone back to constantly!


Next you feel like ya sitting on the stoop drinking a beer on the bayou as the Bluesy “Dirty Soap” floats out of your speakers a track to wash away your sins, its quite unique and as the song progresses you really will be amazed. “Devil Prince” is full of infectious grooves and again continues to show case Shelle Macphersons talents as the band battle  a prince of the Devil. Kayla Dixon from Witch Mountain features on the excellent “Spearhead” a song about the state of todays world with no privacy, corrupt leaders and evil that seems to be infecting our lands, this is an intelligent and telling piece with some tasty musicianship entwined with devilish growls.

Final track “Paradox of Denial” has you floating on a magic carpet of hard rocking delights with the bonus of appearances from Mark Focarile (Mile Marker Zero) and Steph Honde (Hollywood Monsters) it’s a steller end to an Awesome platter!


So, to sum up:

This is an Album featuring many guests and truly is a work of art and a must have in your Record / Download collection. I love how Metal is constantly evolving and "Paradox of Denial" has to be up with one of the releases of the year, its a work of art..

Talking of art, the cover was designed by Ian Gillans Guitarist Michael Lee Jackson!


Review: Seb Di Gatto               Score:9/10

Reviewed:30/07/19                                               Facebook


1.Order of The Ember Queen

2.Pressure Cooker

3.Propaganda Messiah

4.Dirty Soap

5.Devils Prince


7.Paradox of Denial


Band Members:

Shelle Macpherson- Lead Vocals;

Jerry Fielden - Lead Guitar,  Synthesizers, Drums, Bass, Back Vocals, Mandolin;




The Metal Gods Meltdown

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