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                                                                                                                                 Arise In Chaos

                                                                                                             Title: Terminal Cognition

                                                                                                             Label: EMP Label Group

                                                                                                             Release Date: Europe - May 20, 2016

Formed back in 2010 Metallers Arise in Chaos hail from the West Coast of America , they are due to release their new album "Terminal Cognition" in May on Dave Ellefsons Label EMP.

The full on Assault opens with “Nero” delivered at neck breaking speed , the band make  their intentions clear , it’s a brutal nonstop ride.

I simply love the drumming throughout this whole Album and “Nero” sees Jer Matheson laying waste to his kit as this opener explodes into life   combined with  frantic guitars from Nick Allen and Adam Landreth  and the deep tones courtesy of Bassist Drew Keeb Gillet that then sees the arrival of vocalist Dustin Griboski with his deep and rabid growl, this will make your skin blister and your face melt as a Pure Metal Delirium rampages out of your speakers and causes Grievous bodily harm to your brain cells!

Jump into the Mosh pit and never leave as “By Your Hand” thrashes and sees you wind milling and banging your head in pure delirium as these Metallers continue to thrash and mash your soul!

Then the first single from the Album “The Divine” drums and beats it's rhythm , it sears  shaking  the earth’s core, you know that when Megadeth et al retire it’s nice to know bands like Arise in Chaos will continue to keep the flame alive and burning , a homage to this pure breed of Metal.

I can see the crowd  thrashing to this number as Griboski tells you to “Beg for Mercy” you will  kneel down to these new gods Arise in Chaos. We are only on track three ,it’s a killer, divine, shredding number and no wonder why it was the first single!


“Hell Bent” It Crashes into insanity as the magnificent guitar riffs and impassioned vocals rattle your head, a devilish morsel of neck straining delight ensues.

“Sirens” is possibly my favourite song but its damn hard to choose, like I stated before I simply love the drums on this opus and no more so than on this track, they wake the dead, give them a bone shattering  shake and throw them into the abyss of hellish abandonment! With the growls of a pissed of demon it more  than surpasses brutal!  Next “Violent Colors” opens gently, it gives your neck a rest! This is the longest track on the album  running just over six minutes ,then all hell erupts as the band unleash the demons of thrashing riffs, wild animal growls mixed in epic proportions as depths of affliction ravage you. “All We Know” is outstanding and ruthless in its execution I think maybe the second single?


“Reflections” is a tad bit slower and doesn’t disappoint at all ,this peels your skin with a blunt cut throat razor. “Driven” thrashes and punishes your being and sees you flailing , falling and punching the air in ecstasy.

 Final track “Arise in Chaos” like the band’s name it is hot darn vicious, aggressive ,taking  no hostages! This is one to listen to in a darkened room with the volume  turned up to 12 , with a room full of like minded Metal Heads ,let the blood flow and the  chaos begin!

This release is the follow  up  to 2012s Debut “Civilization Decay” ,and with such a Heavy weight in Metal as Dave Ellefssons Label   backing this band and   their brain cell crushing , vicious and furious deliverance of pure Molten  Metal, “Terminal Cognition” should see Arise in Chaos take on  the World which could and should be their  stage!


Review :Seb Di Gatto        Score: 10 /10  Facebook   Website 


Track listing:         

1. Nero        

2. By Your Own Hand   

3. The Divine 

4. Hell Bent 

5. Siren 

6. Violent Colors 

7. All We Know 

8. Reflections 

9. Driven 

10. Arise In Chaos



Dustin Griboski - Vocals

Jer Matheson - Drums

Nick Allen - Guitar

Adam Landreth - Guitar

Drew Keeb Gillett - Bass


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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