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                                                                                                     Armored Dawn

                                                                                           Title: Barbarians in Black

                                                                                           Label: AFM Records

                                                                                           Release Date:23rd Feb 2018

Brazilians Armored Dawn first hit the scene back in 2016 with their debut Album "Power of Warrior" causing a huge amount of interest in South America it seemed only a matter of time  before the Band got the world media’s attention and with "Barbarians in Black" the time has surely arrived, this is a gigantic release from this group of Metal Warriors, and is due to be released on the 23rd of this month by one of the best Metal Labels out there, namely AFM Records.


The Band consist of Eduardo Parras (Vocals), Tiago De Moura (Lead Guitar), Timo Kaarkoski (Guitar), Fernando Giovannetti (Bass), Rafael Agostino (Keyboards/Rhythm Guitar, and Rodrigo Oliveira (Drums) and together this sextet is about to conquer the world!

Opening proceedings in a dramatic and impressive style we have “Beware of The Dragon” it’s an immense start, with the keyboards and Guitars delivering some head thumping musicianship as the striking Vocals of Eduardo Parra’s joins the fray, it’s an enthralling beginning to a riveting release. “Bloodstone” is up next and  opens fire with all guns blazing, a song that’s going to be extra special live as the fans sing and punch the air in pure Metal ecstasy.


 A bit of respite as the next song opens gently then builds into an anthem of massive proportions“Men of Odin” has everything, drama, ghostly choruses and spine-tingling moments that impress and beguile you.

“Chance to live again” is such an uplifting tune its totally motivating with some killer riffs to bang your head to and raise those horns!

“Unbreakable” sees things taken down a notch, but still has a huge powerful presence.

The ferocity and power of “Eyes Behind The Crow” is pure class and supported by some face melting guitar riffs.

Personal favorite on here is the huge “Sail Away” it was the lead single and it’s easy to see why, it builds slowly and then becomes so special as Parra's killier Vocals combined with the Guitar, Bass and Drums build into a high-flying crescendo of massive proportions, its  simply outstanding. 

“Gods of Metal” is a monster of Metal! These Metal Barbarians continue to show their pure bred Metal intent! "Gods" is another one thats going to be amazing live, with a sing along chrous to enthuse and keep the masses punching the air and saluting these maestros from Brazil!


 “Survivor” is totally different to all the other tracks on this platter its soooo Hard Rock aka 1980s, nevertheless it’s a good track just a bit different to the rest of the songs on here, not totally sold on this one, it just doesn’t fit in with the rest of the opus, Sorry guys!

Barbarians in Black” comes to a close with the title track, it takes you on a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows, that leaves this reviewer with a wide smile and ready to hit replay again for the whole Album!!


Everything about these guys is positive be it the songs about war and Nordic legends these guys have the right attitude and backing to become huge... don’t believe me? Buy this work of art and catch them live in Europe just after the release of  "Barbarians in Black" on the 23rd of this month, when they support Saxon on their European tour.


NB:  "Barbarians In Black" was mixed and mastered by Seeb Levermann (Orden Ogan, Rhapsody Of Fire, Almanac), who was Armored Dawn’s favoured candidate for the job. Parras: “Our target was a strong sound that’s heavy, tender and melodic in one. We’re all heavily into Seeb’s band Orden Ogan and knew that we would get the sound we had in mind. The result really is fantastic.” The same can be said of the amazing cover artwork courtesy ofBrazilian artist Joao Duarte (Circle II Circle, Angra), which reflects some of the song titles (´Eyes Behind The Crow`, ´Beware Of The Dragon`, ´Barbarians In Black`) as well as the band name.



Review: Seb Di Gatto             Score:9/10

Reviewed:06//02/18                Facebook


Track listing:

1 Beware Of The Dragon


3.Men Of Odin

4.Chance To Live Again


6.Eyes Behind The Crow

7. Sail Away

8.Gods Of Metal


10. Barbarians In Black


Line up:

Eduardo Parras (Vocals)

Timo Kaarkoski  (Guitar)

Tiago Ago De Moura (Lead Guitar)

Fernando Giovannetti (Bass)

 Rafael Agostino (Keyboards/Rhythm Guitar)

 Rodrigo Oliveria (Drums)

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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