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                                                                                                            As I Lay Dying 

                                                                                              Awakened   Metal Blade Records

As I Lay Dying from San Diego, California came into existence in 2000, and they have a growing fan base, which going by the quality and intensity of 'Awakened', you can only see it getting bigger and bigger.  In my opinion the whole album showcases what is great about the Metal core genre.  It's brutal, energetic, severe and catchy as hell.  ‘Go!’ is shouted by lead vocalist Tim Lambesis as the band’s first single ‘Cauterize’ screeches and gallops into the room like banshee, this sums up in just one track all that I love in Metalcore.  It's unforgiving, at the same time melodic, heavy and captivating as hell!



'A Greater Foundation' sees Jordan Mancino's drums come to the fore, from the opening you are transported into a metal insanity of drums and skin ripping vocals, and I can see this being a great track in a live setting, in fact this track was released on video not long ago.  'Resilience' has some wicked solos from Phil Sgrosso and Nick Hipa, (as do quite a few of the tracks on here).  So three tracks in and I have gone back to the beginning as it’s that mind numbingly, head smashingly good. 


'Whispering Silence' is thrashy, aggressive and battering.  It takes no prisoners.  I really like the combination of vocals that AILD use, Tim Lambesis and bassist Josh Gilbert have a great ability and kind of make the sound their own, well recognizable as being AILD. 

'Overcome' is an inspiring number and would work well down the gym on your ipod!  'No Lungs to Breathe' again has awesome solos, while it smacks you around the head with a breeze block.  In fact nearly all the tracks have that effect! 



'Washed Away' is a delicate instrumental then it’s back to the chaos as only 'My Tears' and final song 'Tear Out My Eyes', take you back to the grind, the metal core delirium.  'Tear Out My Eyes' is a fantastic ending to a competent, precise album.  The band for me deliver the best track on here with the final song, it has everything in it to please all metal heads.  Amazing solos, intensity and it rocks like a mutha!  So If you are on the fence about As I Lay Dying, check out 'Awakened', as I think you will find yourself being overawed and taken by this bands energy and effective musicianship.



Review by: Seb Di Gatto




1. Cauterize2. A Greater Foundation3. Resilience4. Wasted Words5. Whispering Silence6. Overcome7. No Lungs To Breathe8. Defender9. Wasted Away10. My Only Home11. Tear Out My Eyes


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