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                                                                                                     A Titan, A Deity   15/11/22

MM: Can you give us a brief history of your band and where you draw your inspirations

We started back in 2016 in Birmingham UK and formed from various other local bands. Our first show was actually opening for Monuments, which is pretty crazy when we think about it!

We’ve been in our current lineup since around 2018 and have been working hard on our new EP since Covid stopped all of our gigging plans.

We take inspiration from a lot of modern metal/metalcore bands such as Tesseract, Periphery, Architects and Northlane, but we also listen to a lot of other progressive rock/metal and stuff from loads of other genres.

I’d say our sound fits quite nicely within metalcore, but with hints of tech/progressive and other styles thrown in.


MM: Tell us about your EP and what can we expect from it.

Our new EP Descendant which comes out on the 18th of November, is a long time coming and something we’re really proud of. Lyrically it deals with some personal subjects around loss and overcoming it as well as some more global topics like the environment and how screwed up the world is becoming.

Musically it’s pretty diverse, we were keen for it to not always follow the same structures and we wanted to put some more atmospheric elements in whilst keeping the balance between the heavy and more melodic sides to us


MM: If one of the songs from the EP could appear on a tv show or film which one would you choose and what type of show?

That’s a great question! I think Io would be great for a sci-fi type show as its one of the more cinematic tracks for sure, but then there’s parts of Bleak that would really suit a horror vibe.


MM: Tell us your plans for the rest of the year and into next year

As we said we’ve been full steam ahead for the release of our new EP, we just had our pre-release show at Freedom Rooms in Birmingham which was an amazing night.

Following the EP we’re looking to continue to gig around the UK to promote the release and then we’ll be straight back to getting even more new music out.


MM: Who would be your ultimate  band to go on tour with

I’d say it’d be a dream to be able to support Tesseract on a European tour for sure. They are such a good band and one we really look up to and have been listening to them since before their album One came out!

MM: Tell us your best experience playing live

I’m sure all of us would probably give different examples, but our first EP release show was such an incredible night and really gave us the momentum and belief to keep writing and made us think this is more than just a hobby for us. For a young band to see that many people there with merch and singing our tracks back to us for the first time was a surreal and extremely gratifying experience.


MM: And now your worst

Again lots of examples here! A couple spring to mind with technical difficulties like click tracks playing through front of house etc. But we had one show that was a bit infamous where we thought we were playing a club night set, but there was no one in the club…so we just had a late night/early morning practice essentially.


MM: If you could make up a supergroup of musicians dead or alive who would u choose including yourself

I don’t think we’d choose ourselves! That’s for sure. Something along the lines of the below would be a really interesting combo:

Andy Cizek from Monuments - Vocals
Dimebag Darrell from Pantera - Guitar
Jason Richardson - Guitar
Jaco Pastorius - Bass
Mike Portnoy - Drums


MM: What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment musically
Apart from some of the higher profile support slots we’ve been fortunate enough to play (Monuments, Novelists, The Contortionist to name a couple), it has to be playing at Tech Fest this year.

This was such a large milestone for us as it was always a goal for us to play there. We had a great time, it's such a lovely close knit community of people, and we’d love to play again. Shoutout to Simon and the rest of the team for continuing to run such an amazing festival


MM: Which  song  do u think has the heaviest riff of all time

This is such a tough one to answer, there are so many and I think what we would choose will change every 10 minutes. I think Brand of Sacrifice are putting out some crazily heavy stuff at the moment


MM: If there was a heavy metal song about yourself what would it be called

Ben: Immeasurable disappointment
Luke - The Messacre
Ash - The Flappening
Alun - The Ham Cob sonata (in F)
Mitch - Next Stop Suplex City


MM: U can only listen to 4 bands for the rest of your life who would u choose

That’s not enough bands, why would you do this to us? On current listening probably Dayseeker, Wage War, Tesseract and Monuments


MM: Tell us was the last song you listened to

Neon Grave, by Dayseeker from their new album Dark Sun


MM: What four words would you use to describe your band

Fun, noodley, riffy, chunk.
Let’s pretend some of those are actual words.


MM: Please complete this sentence "everybody needs A Titan ,A Deity in their lives because

Sometimes only listening to 5 djonty bois from Birmingham/London will do.


MM: Final Words for your fans and our viewers/listeners

We just wanted to say thanks again for everyone who has listened to and supported our band over the years and stuck with us through Covid. It really means a lot to us!

Also we’d like to shout out the amazing guys at Jigsaw Audio, Darknorth Media and SaN PR for all the support on our new EP Descendant, we couldn’t be happier with the result and can’t wait for everyone to hear it on the 18th!

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