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       Band Interview                                                                                          Atlas Pain

                                                                                                         What The Oak Left

                                                                                                         Label:Scarlet Records

                                                                                                         Release Date: 10th March   

 Atlas Pain hail from Milan they bring their Debut Album to the Masses in March ,what first caught my eye was the Bands name and the stunning Album cover which depicts the changing seasons , the Bands musical influences which range from Pagan/ Folk , Extreme and Symphonic Metal , with a cinematic approach that intrigued me.

Alluding to the  Cover I wondered if this is a concept Album, its not as such more the idea of nature ,and traditional tales which are deep  in  lyrical themes. 


"What The Oak Left" is just short of an Hour of captivating and absorbing Metal encapsulating many different sounds and emotions.

"The Time And The Muse" opens proceedings with its atmospheric and eloquent beginnings the gentleness builds and then its a full on assault on the senses as "To The Moon" winds its way into view as the Orchestration manoeuvres from the  Keyboards  and Vocals of Samuel Faulisi  blending in with the Guitars from  Fabrizio Tartarini with the Rhythm Section of Riccardo on Drums and  Louie Raphael on Bass.

This is an excellent track that simply has the listener fully hooked and is a personal favourite on the album.


"Bloodstained Son" has some mesmerising riffs mixed in with choral effects that will be outstanding played live with crowd participation a must! 

"Til The Dawn Comes" Opens gently with a haunting presence, that then rampages ,bursting into view with its eclectic mix.The songs mood changes as you come to the end, this is a wonderfully infectious tune.


These Italians show the Scandinavian World of Folk/ Pagan Metal they aren't the only ones who can deliver the goods within this genre of Metal. And no more so than on the next track "The Storm" we have everything ,pipes,huge Symphonic Orchestration, pummelling Drums and  some Killer Riffs abound.

"Ironforged" feels darker than the rest of the tracks  with the blackened rasps from Faulisi drawing you in.

Then "Counter Dance" does exactly what it says , its a dancing, drinking  Song so fill your Viking horns with Mead and have one helluva party with Italias finest!

"Annwns Gate" has so many different elements to it ,its powerful,fascinating and heroic.


Penultimate song  "From The Lighthouse" has heavenly touch of different emotions and gave me goosebumps on  the first listen.

The final track "White Overcast Line" is a huge instrumental, which I am not usually a huge fan of but.. Running  just short of twelve minutes its a  monster, stunning and totally amazing to listen to , the different feelings and musical patterns  absorb and enthuse you.  


We get so many Albums sent through its not always easy to choose which to Review etc!

So I gave this Album a chance and I am so glad I did. "What The Oak Left"  is Atlas Pains debut following on from their EP which was released in 2015. 

With the right support I think this Band have the right ingredients to make a Mark on the World. 


Review: Seb Di Gatto      Score:9/10

Reviewed: 21/02/17



01. The Time and the Muse

02. To the Moon

03. Bloodstained Sun

04. Till the Dawn Comes

05. The Storm

06. Ironforged

07. The Counter Dance

08. Annwn’s Gate

09. From the Lighthouse

10. White Overcast Line                                                              Band Interview


Band Lineup:

Samuele Faulisi - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, FX

Fabrizio Tartarini - Guitar

Louie Raphael - Bass

Riccardo Floridia - Drums




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