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                                                                                                    Okkult  Napalm Records

German Metallers Atrocity have been in existence since 1985 and crossed different paths of Metal genre over the years. 'Okkult' finds them returning to a Death Metal infused album that is a promising start to a special album trilogy.  

This is the bands eighth album and it’s full of aggressive, brutality mixed in with orchestrations, horror themed background noises and growls to make your hair curl! This is the bands longest heaviest album in years, and one of the longest long players in the bands enthralling history.  


The albums content is filled with Occult magic, haunting, scary places, theories of conspiracy and mystery’s that inspire but remain unsolved.  John Milton’s visions inspire 'Pandæmonium' opening the theatre of pain, and intrigue it’s full of choirs, uplifting metal, it disturbs and intrigues, personally I love the choirs mixed into this type of dark, menacing metal. 


It’s simply riveting stuff.  

Next 'Death By Metal' is quite frankly ruthless, ferocious and without doubt one of my favourite tracks on here, it really gets under your skin.  'Necromancy Devine' is a true Masterpiece again filled with choral magnificence and a chorus that brutalises, not only is it epic, it has to be one of the best tracks these Teutonic masters of demonised metal have ever produced.  It is awesome, in its ferocity. 


'March of The Undying' is extreme yet soothing in a strangely horrific manner as Krull's vocals growl, but enchant. 

'Haunted By Demons' concerns a famous haunted castle up in the highlands of Scotland, a very spooky place that is shrouded in mystery and is a classic sounding metal song.  I love the build-up to this and it’s atmospheric and chilling.


'Murder Blood, Assassination' and 'Masaya (Boca Del Inferno)' are the two most aggressive and face melting Metal offerings that the band has probably ever produced.  'Satan’s Braut' is catchy and takes you to Lucifer’s domain and won’t let you go, it prepares you for hell!  I love the  way this track is partly delivered in German, it really adds to the sinister, demonic theme. 

'Todesstimmen' is spine chillingly creepy and has just an Orchestra playing!  'When Empires Fall To Dust' is gothic metal, with industrial death metal grooves that will get under your skin.  The Final track 'La Voisene' runs at just over eight minutes, it is bewitching drawing you fully into the concept of this work of art by Atrocity!  The finishing touches for the gloomy atmosphere of 'OKKULT' were provided by the Canadian sound designer Katie Halliday (known for acclaimed work on movies like "Saw V", "Saw VI", "Saw 3D (VII)", "The Devil´s Carnival" or "Todd and the Book of Pure Evil". 

She has received numerous awards for her outstanding craft. 


'Okkult' is full to the brim with obscure stories and really is a must have it is an intriguing history lesson to boot, check out our recent interview with Atrocity , it's fascinating.  The whole concept behind 'Okkult' is absorbing and spectacular.
Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. Pandaemonium2. Death By Metal3. March Of The Undying4. Haunted By Demons5. Murder Blood Assassination6. Necromancy Divine7. Satan's Braut8. Todesstimmen9. Masaya (Boca Del Infierno)10. When Empires Fall To Dust11. Beyond Perpetual Ice12. La Voisine


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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