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                                                                                                                    Attica Rage                                                                  

                                                                                              88 mph  Off Yer Rocka Records

Following on from 2011`s 'Road Dog', Attica Rage are back with a vengeance.  Having had their album launch at Hard Rock Hell recently, then blowing everyone away on the night '88 mph' smacks of good times,  hard  hitting biker rock which will thrill you, amaze you and batter your senses!


The album opens with the sombre instrumental track 'From Dusk 'til Dawn',” which builds up to a mighty finale then launches head long into 'Beyond Forever', a bruising number that grabs you by the scruff of the neck and batters you against Valhalla’s door, with excellent guitar riffs from Stevie Bell and Johnny Parr, make this one hell of an opening song!  'Flight 180' continues the rampage of hard rocking bliss, like an angry bull in a china shop, this delivers a shattering  rampage as Richie Rage on drums hammers away on the doors of hell, demonic drumming to wake the dead!  Again the guitarmanship is top notch, love it!  



New bass player Colin Wilson wrote 'Close Shave' and it is probably the strongest track on here, as Coiln and Johnny  alternate on vocals and there’s a guest appearance from Emma Nailen.  'Close Shave' really delivers a catchy Metal tune that will stay with you all day.


 'Long Ride Home' has a gentle opening then the guitars really send shivers up your spine, and is a close second behind'Close Shave'as one of my favourite tracks on here.  It kind of reminds me of 'Through The Inner Eye' from Road Dog, if you know that song then you will know what a massive crowd pleaser that one is and I think they have hit the nail on the head with 'Long Ride Home', it's epic and a total anthem. 


'Killer Carousal' has chuggy guitars and attitude, a fist pumping hard rocker and has been released as a video, check it out! Title track '88 mph' is blistering and again like all of the tracks on here, will go down a storm live.  Love the lyrics to 'Aftershow' excellent tongue in cheek metal, it is fun and catchy as hell!  Yeah you guessed it, it’s all about the after show and drinking to excess like you have to do! And being a Glaswegian band it’s expected!   You even get a classy burp at the end! 



'End of An Era' is a totally chilled tune and fits in really well and is an outstanding, soothing hard rocking number to finish an excellent album from these Scottish warriors.   Ah but what’s this, there is a bonus track called 'Dark City', yes it rocks your socks off!  Stupendous, guitar solos, it’s a belter!  

2013 looks really bright for Attica Rage.  Make sure you catch these road dogs, on the road soon and get hold of '88 mph', it’s a pretty damn phenomenal piece of work and a progression in the right direction.     


Review by: Seb Di Gatto




1. From Dusk Til Dawn2. Beyond Forever3. Flight 1804. Close Shave5. Long Ride Home6. Killer Carousal7. 88 mph8. Aftershow9. In Concert With The Mirror10. End Of An Era11. Dark City (bonus track) 






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