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                                                                                                                    Attica Rage  

                                                                                                          Date: 30 November 2012   

MG - How excited are you to be back at Hard Rock Hell? 
Johnny - Very. This will be Colin's first appearance with Attica Rage at Hard Rock Hell.


Colin - I have been to Hammerfest as a fan but never been to Hard Rock Hell.




MG - It's your new album release tonight, any personal favourites on the new album and is it harder and heavier than 'Road Dog'? 
Stevie - It has attitude and is a lot rawer I would say, and I love it.


MG - I really like 'Through The Inner Eye' on 'Road Dog', anything similar to that song on the new album '88 MPH'? 
Johnny - There is one quite like 'Through The Inner Eye' and then there are heavier tracks and it is a real mixture.


MG - Favourite songs to play live? 
Stevie - 'Through The Inner Eye' when Johnny starts the big slide up, it still has a fantastic effect and when it builds in, it is still a great one to play live.  


Johnny - 'Contradictions' is always good and goes down well live.


Stevie - Yeah I can never get bored of that song.


Johnny - Even though it was written in 1922!!  It’s the longest and oldest song we have got.  It’s like Lemmy's 'Ace of Spades', it’s our 'Ace of Spades'.


MG - What are your plans for the remainder of the year and what does 2013 hold for you? 
Stevie - Two gigs to go, a hometown show in Glasgow, then down to London then that’s us for the year.


Johnny - We are on the same label as Bonafide from Sweden and hopefully we will get some gigs together along the way next year.


MG - So what bands influenced you each personally?
Stevie - For me personally its classic rock like Van Halen, AC/DC, Guns N' Roses, Iron Maiden, Pantera ...


Colin - The list is endless, a lot of bassy stuff, Primus, Black Sabbath, a lot of the Eighties stuff.  Some of the bass players from the Eighties were totally fantastic.


Richie - Same as Stevie really the Maidens etc., Metallica, I kind of like some of the southern state bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blackfoot.


Johnny - Ozzy and Motorhead, I mean between the four of us we have almost every Rock/ Metal influence covered.


MG - Colin you have not been with the band that long have you?  
Colin - It's coming up to a year in January and it's been really great.


MG - You will have to grow your hair though!  
Johnny - He is looking very Johnny Cash at the moment!


MG - You have played quite a few festivals haven’t you, any that really stick out in your mind?
Johnny - High Voltage for me, Slash was in the same area and he is my hero.


Stevie - We chased after he in a buggy didn’t get to meet him but we got a great photo.


Johnny - And he was smiling!


MG - So what about the music scene in Scotland, do you think it’s healthy? 
Johnny - I don’t know really.  I feel like we are a bit out of it as we tour so much.  I know there is definitely more bands. There is just not really an industry to support the scene.  I know there are a lot of great bands, but there is not really a support structure in place for them.


MG - Ultimate bands you would love to share a stage with?
Band - Iron Maiden. No one would top that.  Alice in Chains with Layne Staley, might be a bit tricky that one! Ozzy, Metallica ... 


MG - Three words to sum up Attica Rage?
Band - Biker, Rock and Roll!!!


Interview by: Seb Di Gatto


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