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                                                                                                      Audrey Horne   
                                                                                      Youngblood  Napalm Records
Audrey Horne hail from Bergen in Norway, and formed in 2002, they have been described as a Hard Rock / Post Grunge band, current members are Torkjell Rod “Toshie“, Arve Isdal “Ice Dale“, Thomas Toft Hagen, Kjetil Greve.  Most of the band members experience came from performing in Extreme, Progressive, Black Metal bands such as Enslaved, Gorgoroth and GodSeed.
Audrey Horne, ( named after a character in Twin Peaks ) can currently, collectively present as mainstream and melodic, they are akin to Faith No More, or Alice in Chains.
I have listened to some of Audrey Horne’s previous work and found them very “Poppy“ for me, very difficult to get into, but their latest album is something special, 'Young Blood' has them coming back to the fore as a Hard Rock band.  We first listen to 'Redemption Blues', this is Blues infused Heavy Rock, Toshie's vocals match excellent musicianship, the lead guitar is amazing and exciting, with classic stylish riffs, the anticipation builds, this is magnificent, an excellent start to an excellent album.
'Straight Into Your Grave' sees Toshie adopt a very Ozzy inspired vocal style.  It is relentlessly pacey and gutsy, simply wonderful stuff. 'Young Blood' the title track is bluesy / funky, very retro and none the worse for that, 'There Goes A Lady' is another Classic Rock offering.  It is fantastic, flawlessly performed, very heavy and richly textured.
'Show And Tell' has inspiring riffs, rising and conjuring up a real and amazing blast from the past.  'Cards With The Devil', oh wow!  Turn this baby up to 11 and just enjoy.  Close your eyes and get lost in the music.  It could make Hendrix rise, wielding his guitar.  'Pretty Little Sunshine' with fantastic vocal’s and musicianship, this is a fantastic slice of good old Rock and Roll.
'This End’s Here' is as heavy as hell.  I can imagine listening to this live, it will get you bouncing and head-banging.  'The King is Dead' starts with pounding drums and lyrical guitars, then turns into a wondrous whirlwind of sound.  This album is great, uplifting and inspiring.
The album has only been out a short time and is getting plaudits around the world, already voted album of the month by Metal Hammer in Germany, things can only go from strength to strength for these Norwegians.  Catch them on tour in Europe soon!!!! 
Review by: Ali Bear
1. Redemption Blues
2. Straight Into Your Grave
3. Young Blood
4. There Goes A Lady
5. Show & Tell
6. Cards With The Devil
7. Pretty Little Sunshine
8. The Open Sea
9. This Ends Here
10. The King Is Dead



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