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                                                                                                       Hurricanes and Halos

                                                                                                       Label: Nuclear Blast

                                                                                                       Release Date: 26.05.2017

Hurricanes and Halos is Avatariums latest release destined  to set the world ablaze near the end of May, to say this is an exceptional , vibrant , and dynamic Album is really an understatement, these Swedes have dug deep into their collective souls to produce eight tracks of irresistible, splendiferous moments that cross over the Doom threshold into up tempo, fragile ,and emotional vibrations that fill your being with thought provoking songs as well as some hellish hip shaking, heads down grooves.  


The opening track has already been seen and heard by the world and got a massive thumbs up from the bands legions of fans, Richard Nilssons Organ playing comes to the fore on this opener, it’s an energetic piece, the groups various influences shine through this Album and this upbeat intelligent song vibrates ,indeed pulls you “Into the Fire”.  

Jennie Ann Smiths delivery and immaculate voice has the edge over some of my favourite Female singers on this record and the next three tracks simply put, Blew my fucking mind! No unusually for me they aren’t all balls to the wall head banging Metal, they are three very special and absorbing Doom infused hard Rocking monsters with different vibes. The “Starless Sleep” has radio air play written all over it, its damn catchy, with some stunning riff age courtesy of Marcus Jidell on guitar ,this song instantly has you in its grip.


Then personal highlight, although I love all the songs on here “Road to Jerusalem” has middle eastern tones aplenty as you are taken on a mystical magic carpet ride of dips and swirls. Then “Medusa Child” is a gargantuan nine minute monster with its heavy and deep thudding Rhythm section of Lars Sköld Drums and Mats Rydström  Bass accompanied by a very talented young lady called Edith sharing the chorus duties with Jennie Ann Smith this song flows  taking you to higher plane as the song progresses with more killer riffs from Jidell, added with dynamic keys from Nilsson, it simply takes your breath away. “The Sky at The Bottom of The Sea” is one I had to double take at first as the comparisons between Jennie Ann Smith and the great and hugely missed Ronnie James Dio shine out the technique and delivery is so similar, you really could be listening to Dios work from the first Rainbow Albums.

“When Breath Turns to Air” is an emotional ride of haunting tones , emotional and passionate Vocals that pour into your soul, it’s such a beautiful gentle song.  “A Kiss (From the End of The World)” sees the band reignite their fire, the opening will fool you, then it transmutes into something so special words can’t really describe it, you need to listen and stand in awe at the amazing musicianship on offer from these mega talented Scandinavians. The Album finishes with the title track “Hurricanes and Halos” a compelling instrumental to end a phenomenal work of art.     


To Sum up

From first listen  I was completely hooked this is a must have Album, no its not full on neck breaking Metal and mostly certainly not just another Doom Album from Avatarium this is something special and without a doubt will cross over the various genres of music and hopefully get lots of mainstream airplay, this is a must have Album, believe me you will not be disappointed!





Review: Seb Di Gatto   Score: 10/10

Reviewed :09/05/17


track listing:

01. Into The Fire / Into The Storm
02. The Starless Sleep
03. Road To Jerusalem
04. Medusa Child
05. The Sky At The Bottom Of The Sea
06. When Breath Turns To Air
07. A Kiss (From The End Of The World)
08. Hurricanes And Halos



Band Line up:

Jennie-Ann Smith: Vocals
Marcus Jidell: Guitar
Lars Sköld: Drums
Mats Rydström: Bass
Rickard Nilsson: Organ                  Website             Facebook

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