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'Are You Listening' is the explosive debut album from Australian band Baby Jane, an album that will appeal to anyone with a love for Sleaze Rock, Classic Rock and Hard Rock.  The band have enlisted the services of the legendary Michael Wagener (White Lion, Skid Row, Accept) to mix the album, resulting in a big, full on, hard rock sound.


Starting off with the title track 'Are You Listening', lead singer Andy Smith shouts at you ... "Are You Listening?” and it makes you want to scream back ..."Yes, I am!".  This is a great track and it will have you singing along.


The stand out track for me is  'Li'l Gutters', it’s a down n' dirty, bluesy,  very sleazy number, which reminds me a bit of Ace Frehley.


The slow and dark 'Town Called Sinner Stone' is an amazing song, as well as the very catchy 'Can You Keep A Secret', which is a great sing-along track. 


'Twenty Too Many' is an intense number with an outstanding chorus.  'Four Rusted Egos' and the totally catchy 'Demontonic' remind me of a late night out on the tiles.  'Are You Listening' is a really great album and I honestly can’t think of one bad track on it.


Babyjane have supported the likes of Sebastian Bach and Paul Dianno and are currently touring in their homeland, let’s hope a UK tour could soon be on the cards as I'm sure it will be night after night of incendiary Sleazy Rock N' Roll.

Utterly Fantastic!.


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. Are You Listening
2. Give It All Up
3. Li'l Gutters
4. Quicksand
5. Town Called Sinner Stone
6. Can You Keep A Secret?
7. Twenty Too Many
8. Miss Scorpio
9. Four Rusted Eggs
10. Demontonic
11. Tell Me (What I Need To Know)

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