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                                                                                     Death Of A Hero  Independent Release

There’s a dark distant rumbling from the Emerald Isle … Can you hear it?  With rampaging twin guitars and insanely top notch vocals from Simon Pickett we are faced with a powerful, anthem filled smoking, instantly likeable sound that will have you punching the air, flying horns, and head banging like there’s no tomorrow. 


Bakken deliver Metal with a Power Metal influence, a Thrashy, New Wave of British Heavy Metal style that will rock you like a demon and have your speakers needing urgent repairs!  'Darkest Day' opens this album with a slow build-up of air raid sirens and spine tingling music we are then lead into twin guitars and Pickett's vocals draw you into the 'Darkest Day' and running at eight minutes, this song is a brave and epic opener to an album.  I can’t find any fault with it, it is a total metal heaven of the old and new school entwined and just totally rocks along.  


The pace slows down and then lets fly again, woah what a song could easily have been on Metallica’s 'And Justice For All' … seriously!.  You just have to love the guitar work and the way 'Mystic Mogul' sears into your conscience as the next song starts 'You Get A Fever' and Bakken aren’t kidding with the song 'Cursed'.  This is the first song I ever heard from Bakken and has everything that fans of the NWOBHM will love and instantly pummels into your being with rapid quick fire drumming from Niall McGrotty and is going to be a crowd favourite, I would bet my pint of Guinness on it!


'Sasquatch' takes you and breaks you into a foot tapping frenzy as the masterful guitar playing from McGinnis and Pickett combined with O`Kanes and McGrottys rhythms, transport you through a journey of awe inspiring musicianship and really needs to be heard. 

'Back To The Future' has Pickett showing his vocal ability and it is truly special, this guy has rock star written all over him, in fact the whole band does.  This is a track that if I was to introduce someone to Bakken I would use, it has everything.  Subtle changes in pace, immense guitars and the rich voice of Simon Pickett and the way the music swerves and curves really does give you Goosebumps. 


'Get Back To Your Feet' has a delicate intro then like a ram on amphetamines you are truly pummeled, as this scorching tune makes you punch the air in a metal frenzy, sing-a-long and thrash, I can see mini mosh pits!!!


'Fortress of Evil' powers along with machine gun drumming and smash and grab vocals to bang you head to.  Last song 'Voyage of Aodh' like the album opener is over seven minutes and takes you through the majesty of all that is great about these Irish rockers.  Yes it’s a bit of a progressive number, but you have everything on this track, as with all the album, the musicianship is out of this world and you know what, I'm going to put this album on again and again into eternity and so

should you.   


Bakken have just been confirmed to support the mighty 'Hell', what a fantastic opportunity for these guys and well deserved, let’s hope the sky’s the limit for this mighty band from Belfast.  I can’t rate this band highly enough.  If there’s any justice in the world this band will Rock the world!  


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. Darkest Day
2. Mystic Mogul
3. The Cursed
4. Sasquatch
5. Back To The Future
6. Get Back To Your Feet
7. Fortress Of Evil
8. Voyage Of Adodh

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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