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                                                                                       Mark Of The Revenant  Independent Release


We get quite a few bands sending us music, some are good and then some are exceptional, and here is one of the damn exceptional bands. From Newcastle, Australia we have a band called Balescream, a Death Metal band that are melodic, but also aggressive and pretty damn bloody hostile, this band go straight for the throat, with an addictive groove that will have necks strained and many thrashers looking on in awe, this band kick serious backside! 


Opening with 'Cyclonic Terror' you are taken in by the brutality of Jack ”Hectic“ Gillies vocals and the sheer metal mastery of the twin guitar annihilation brought to you by Mitch Duckham and Gus Hodges. 


This is thrash delivered with an old school edge, but dragged by the ears to the twenty first century to win you over and decimate your hearing, excellent opener to a top four track E.P.  'Fatality' is heavy as hell and batters at your senses as does my personal favourite on here 'Becoming The Revenant' drums to wake the dead pound and destroy though out this four track monster from the land down under, but on track three I found the drumming to be much more in your face, and Tom Batty knocks the proverbial crap out of his drum kit.


Excellent stuff and a heavy bass from Sam “Jangles” Brown lay waste to anything that would dare venture into a room with Balescream, vicious, rock hard , melodious metal the way it should be.


Expect 'Becoming The Revenant' to be a regular on The Mayfair Mall Zines fortnightly Metal Meltdown show ... it’s brilliant. Final track 'Kusanagi' like all the tracks on here delivers and lays waste to anything in the way. The production, art work, in fact everything about this E.P. is without a doubt fantastic and I would say this band have one hell of a future in their homeland and let’s hope they can get picked up and taken worldwide.  


The world needs Balescream! This band will have mosh pits exploding where ever they play and have something about them to take them far … Keep your eyes out for Balescream!!

Review by: Seb Di Gatto


1. Cyclonic Terror
2. Fatality
3. Becoming The Revenant
4. Kusanagi



The Metal Gods Meltdown

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