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                                                                                         Bang Bang Firecracker interview  09/01/23

MM: Love your sound and Band name why are you called Bang Bang Firecracker 


Bizarrely, the name was found on a sandwich  We took the phrase and re-purposed it and also thought it would make a unique and memorable band name! 


MM: How pleased are you with the responses to your EP


We've released our second album in 3 EP installments. With each EP release, momentum has built and the response to the latest: "Speak Evil" has been extremely positive. We're really inspired and blown away by the reviews and reactions. 


MM: Tell us your plans for the year and will you be releasing a full-blown album as some stage


We've got a ton of shows to get through before the end of April. At the end of this month we're recording a live EP. The Evil Trilogy (x3 EPs) is being released as a full album in the summer. This is being re mixed & re mastered as we speak. In addition to that we are soon to be releasing a lyric video for one of the "Speak Evil" tracks and we're also writing new material. 

Then we're into festival season and we'll end the year with an autumn / winter tour. 


MM: Do you plan to do live feeds at some of your shows


Yes. There is a place we play in Leicester called the Metal Monocle.. Those guys always stream our shows. We've got a lot of live footage of gigs on our YouTube too. We'll definitely be live streaming at our HRH Spring Break gig in March too. 


MM: Who would be your ultimate  band to go on tour with


Opening for AC/DC would be the ultimate. It would also be amazing to play some shows with Phil Campbell and the Sons. 


MM: Tell us your best experience playing live so far


In 2022, we played a storming show at the Eleven Venue in Stoke in support of the mighty Motorheadache. We had a brilliant sound and energy that night, we went down an absolute storm. 


MM: And now your worst


We had an non-gig at The Robin 2 in Bilston! A Certain Bon Jovi tribute band were extremely un professional and wouldn't allow us any room on stage to set up our gear. After a very professional discussion with the management, we packed up and left without playing! 


MM: If there was a heavy metal song written about your self what would it be called


Los Tres Diablos.... Aka The 3 Devils. 


MM: Tell me why we should check out and listen to your band  


We are one of the hardest grafting bands in the UK. With constant live gigs and regular releases we've managed to forge a real name for ourselves since starting out in 2018!  We're a Hard Rock / Metal band with tons of attitude & energy & some serious riff-drenched anthems to back it all up. 


MM: Four words to describe Bang Bang Firecracker

Attitude, Energy, Tenacious, Heavy


Fast five questions:

1. Favourite band 



2. Favourite singer

Bon Scott 


3. Favorite drink



4. Your Favourite album

Ace of Spades 


5. And who is your biggest inspiration



MM: Final words for your fans and our readers


Check us out, Get to a show, buy our stuff, support live music, you can't stop Rock n Roll. 


Seb @ The Metal Gods Meltdown

Ki @ Bang Bang Firecracker 


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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