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                                                                                               Title:  Upon A Pale Horse

                                                                                               Label:Metal Blade Records

                                                                                               Release Date: 19th May 2017

Below release their latest Album “Upon A Pale Horse” on the world on the 19th of May.

What a truly impressive release it is, jam packed full of haunting melodies, super heavy riffs, and massive, impressive atmospheres this is an eight-track triumph incorporating different musical styles that will simply bewitch you.

Opening with the spine chilling “The Plague Within” this short introduction leads into the deep and darkly invigorating “Disappearing into Nothing” the slow Doom infused riffs reverberate as you get drawn into this stunning offering, these Swedes hit the mark from the off.


Album highlight for me is the excellent “Coven” its powerful, lyrical theme is enticing, drawing one deeply into its grip as Zebs magical Vocals weave the tale, and some killer riffs are delivered by Berg and Paud on Guitars, this one leaves a mark on your soul.

Title track “Upon A Pale Horse” has a spoken narrative from Alan Averill of Primordial and builds into a megalithic slow show of the bands pedigree, its melancholic mood embraces you in its death grip, as the rhythm section of Doc on Drums and Hedmans Bass deliver some hard-hitting gloomy vibes, this track running just under ten minutes is a momentous journey of head spinning enchantment.


Now I know Zeb has been compared to Geoff Tate, but for me on the next track “Suffer in Silence” his voice and technique reminded me very much of Tony Martin, the very under rated often forgotten former Vocalist of Black Sabbath, this song would have easily fitted on any of the Albums that Martin had featured on with them so for me it’s another highlight on this opus.  So just over halfway through and believe me you will be completely hooked, as the “Hours of Darkness envelops your mortal being as bolts of lightning cross the skies, you will be transfixed, and in awe as the bands sheer magical complexity entices you in. “1000 Broken Bones” is going to be amazing played live it’s got a real buzz and anathematic feel to it, simply divine! It shows the bands magical musical dexterity; these guys aren’t just another Doom band!


Final track “We Are All Slaves” is another long track that touches on the world we live in today? I think so. It’s an excellent finish to a totally absorbing work of art.


So far in May this is the second excellent “Doom” Album we have reviewed here at The Metal Gods Meltdown it totally blew us

away! I really hope to catch these guys live one day this Band simply put are AWESOME!          


Review: Seb Di Gatto  Score:9/10

Reviewed: 10/5/17


1. The Plague Within
2. Disappearing Into Nothing
3. The Coven
4. Upon a Pale Horse
5. Suffer in Silence
6. Hours of Darkness
7. 1000 Broken Bones
8. We Are All Slaves


Zeb – Vox
Hedman – Bass
Paud – Guitar
Berg – Guitar
Doc – Drums

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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