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                                                                                         Beth Blade & The Beautiful Disasters 

                                                                                                     Title:  Bad Habit


                                                                                                     Release Date: 3rd April 2017

Just over a year ago we had the pleasure of witnessing Cardiff's Beth Blade & The Beautiful Disasters supporting the legendary Marco Mendoza in Edinburgh the Band blew us away with their Hell for Leather dynamism ,and captivating stage show , we snapped up the bands EP and  waited with bated breath for the Bands Debut Album and here it is , "Bad Habit" is chock a block full of good time , head banging ,punching the air singing yourself hoarse tunes.


Opening with "Hell Yeah"  the superb lyrics including my favourite line " They say that am Twisted a little sadistic" this rocks and fucking rolls, lighting up the night with  killer vibes ,this is one helluva opening  "Hell Yeah"! it will shake and rock venues up and down the country.

The Title track "Bad Habit" comes into view as  Beth Blades   sexy and scrumptious Vocals  grab you by the scruff of the neck ,she's  blowing your mind with her lyrics embedding themselves in your head for days this is one of many highlights on this album.


 Next up is the highly addictive song that kicks Satan's backside with some killer Riffs delivered by Craig Manning on Lead Guitar combined with Beth's Rhythm Guitar added to the pounding Rhythms from Nicko Goodwin Bass Guitar and Sam Brain on Drums infecting you with their "Beautiful Disease".


"Down and Dirty" is a complete sleaze fest of epic proportions there really is no holding  Beth Blade , this gal truly Rawks ! 

The Band step down a few gears with "Poster Girl for Pain" a truly beautiful song with spell binding lyrics.

The next song sinks its fangs deep into your flesh , and will not let go ,it stings your soul as you know "This Bitch Bites"


Now I know certain members of the Band are huge Kiss fans and the influences from those icons shine through, and "Hell in High Heels" is a  case in point not to be mixed up with Kisses "Murder in High Heels" all though I did double take at first if I am honest, this is a bootylicous stomping track..hell yeah! 


"If you're Ready to Rock" sounds like a Kiss Anthem, and one they would be proud of, but  this is Beth Blade & The Beautiful Disasters Anthem and  all you can do is salute these guys with the killer woah woahs and clapping that begs crowd participation!   

"Angel With a Dirty Face" is quite extraordinary ,its a Ballad of epicness ,a beautiful song to make even the hardest of hearts  flutter and miss a beat.


The Album finishes with the superb and stunning "Legends Will Never Die" its so clever with lyrical soundbites  to famous songs and events its a stellar finish to one of the best Debuts you will hear all year.. this Band deserve much success ,this is one hell of a gritty ballsy Album to listen to on the Night train and while running with The Devil every damn day! 



Recorded after only six days and produced by Nick Brine (Tyketto, Thunder, Amorettes) "Bad Habit" was totally funded by a hugely successful Pledge campaign.


Review:Seb Di Gatto  Score:9.5 /10

Reviewed: 25.02.17


Track List

1. Hell Yeah

2. Bad Habit

3. Beautiful Disease

4. Down & Dirty

5. Poster Girl For Pain

6.This Bitch Bites

7. Hell In High Heels

8. If You’re Ready To Rock

9. Angel With a Dirty Face

10. Legends Will Never Die


Band Members 


Beth Blade- Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Songwriter.


Craig Manning- Lead Guitar.


Nicko Goodwin- Bass Guitar.


Sam Brain- Drums




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