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                                                                                                       Title: “Cursed Be Thy Kingdom”
                                                                                                       Label: Century Media Records
                                                                                                       Release Date:  April 16th, 2021
Mighty US metallers Bewitcher return with their third album "Cursed Be Thy Kingdom".

A devilish delight of fire and brimstone lies within this opus that pleases your ears and has you bowing down to the dark one as the ten tracks seep into the room with sinful ecstasy.
"Ashe" opens with delicate strings, that kid you into thinking this is gonna be a delicate Album...ha if there was such a thing from Bewitcher!  A hammering Metal attack is unleashed on you as soon as the Drums and Guitar kick you are greeted by the devilishly delicious vocals from Von, this is a purebred, head bangingly delightful old-school metal release with a devious modern twist.  The next track has Iron Maiden dripping through it with the opening salvo, then a furious maelstrom of Metal delight rocks up and inhabits your being with its pure metal moments coursing into your veins its absorbing and hellishly addictive, with its racing guitars and growls from the deepest pits of damnation.
Having seen these guys a few years back before all this face nappy covid 19 madness I can attest to this bands enthusiasm and balls to the wall delivery and a track of many I would love to see these guys perform live from this work of art is the killer  "Electric Phantoms"  rocks you to the core and has you dancing around the room with ya Jack Daniels and boogying into the night..fuck yeah!

"Mystifier" has an anthem written all over it as you punch the air with your studded gloved fists, its wrecks the room with its insanity as it invades and pummels your brain. Title track "Cursed be Thy Kingdom"  has a full-blown kick-in-the-face delivery that sates your soul with its delirious riffs and war-like moments of heavenly fortitude ripping your face off with its brutal and death defyingly magic tones.  "Valley of The Ravens" swoops in for the kill as this number pecks into your subconscious its darkness invades and drips into one's psyche.
As to be expected "Metal Burner" has you headbanging into neck-breaking oblivion, it is fast and furious..hell yeah! Penultimate track "The Widow Blade" scythes into the room cutting all that's in its way with its Metal tastic grooves digging deep into the pits of damnation.  
The best is left to last as the racing and highly addictive "Sign of The Wolf" steals away the night with its vibrant beats clawing into your soul its full-on pure Metalvibes fully excite and bring to a close a heroic work from the deepest pits of oblivion..check it out you won't be disappointed!

Review: Seb Di Gatto         Score:9/10
Reviewed: 01/4/21

2.Death Returns
3.Satanick Magick Attack
4.Electric Phantoms
5.Mystifier (White Night City)
6.Cursed Be Thy Kingdom
7.Valley of The Ravens
8.Metal Burner
9.The Widow Blade
10.Sign of The Wolf

M. von Bewitcher – vox & guitars
A. Magus – bass guitar & backing vox
A. Hunter – drums & percussion



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