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                                                                                               Black Harmonia

                                                                                       Death Road

Black Harmonia are a thrashing metal monstrosity from Belgium, formed in 2007.

Now, after a few line-up changes, and problems in the early days, the band are now a settled unit.


They released their debut album “Death Road” in 2013, although it’s been out a while I wanted to highlight this band and the album and give them some more publicity through The Metal Gods Meltdown .

The album centres around  the return of the great Sinner (Demon on the album cover) and his return to earth to punish all humans.


“Death Road “is aggressive and head bashingly heavy, with some Power Metal and Death Metal influences thrown into the mix you have an efficient album which opens with “Last War” the band command you to “Fight for your Life” with demonic tones and thrashing delirium you are drawn into a metal maelstrom and the mosh pits of fiery hell.


 The musicianship is brilliant, Yohan Thibaut on drums machine guns and smashes the kit with an iron fist as “Terror” crashes and runs molten metal into your soul, this is a deathly song its growled and delivered to maximum effect.

“Terror “is my favourite track on this album followed closely by “Beyond the Dark Clouds” this is a foreboding, deep grooved, number with some divine guitar man ship and deep bass delivered by Yannick Barreaux.


Next it’s the superb title track “Death Road” this pummels it’s way into your head, and delivers some vicious killer riffs to strain your neck to, as the band launch a massive  assault and kick their way into bedlam.

“End of The Dream” follows on and is a well worked instrumental where the band show their skills and take you on a journey of metallic majesty.

Franck Loparco Vocals/ Guitar and Arpad Gencsek on Bass and vocals  return to deliver a warning from the pits of Satan’s locker as “Life , Birth of The Evil” delivers nearly eight minutes of impressive and intense metal.  


“Death, Ultimate Solution” sees the band chant “Only One” , “Only One Solution” and is a perfect song to get a crowd singing along  in unison.  

Approaching the final three songs you cannot  be anything but impressed by this band as “Outburst” literally bursts out of your speakers , and has some  mean and frenetic riffs.

Penultimate  track “Break the World” see the drums given a hard and heavy workout with some apocalyptic lyrics and thudding abandonment we are then drawn into  the finale with the “Final Act” its intense, and a thrilling finish to a fantastic competent debut from these Belgians!


The album artwork is really amazing as well as the whole content on “Deaths Road”.

Make sure you grab a  hold of this album and see Black Harmonia Live!


Review :Seb Di Gatto



1.Last War


3.Beyond the Dark Clouds

4.Death Road

5.End of the Dream

6.Life, Birth of the Evil

7.Death, Ultimate Solution


9.Break the World

10.Final Act












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