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                                                                                                                 Black Mirrors  

                                                                                                     Title: Funky Queen

                                                                                                     Label:Napalm Records

                                                                                                     Release Date: 4th March  2017

Belgium has a new Queen! and shes called Marcella Di Trioa and in tow she has three  very talented musicians they make up a four piece called Black Mirrors , and they have  recently signed to Napalm Records .This quartet deliver four tracks that sure  kick out the jams!

If you threw  Janis Joplin , Nirvana, Queens of The Stone Age and Anouk into the mix the end result would be Black Mirrors. These guys are gonna make you sit up  and groove on the Rock n Roll train of life!


Opening with the groovetastic  "Funky Queen"  full of driving Riffs and explosive rhythms to rock you, shake you ,as this journey of Hard Rocking ecstasy enchants and captivates.  

"Kick out the Jams" is a powerful  adrenaline rush  as the Rhythm section of  Gino Caponi on Bass and Nicolas Scalliet  Drums bombard you with a deep resonating delivery and some scorching riff-age from Pierre Lateur all tied up with Di Trioas wondrous vocals. "The Mess" is an edgy smorgasbord of differing delicacies that enfold you with an an-thematic vigour.


Then the piece De resistance is the excellent "Canard Venguer Masque" its a journey of Hard Rocking splendour, a slower track than the rest on here, but eloquent and a listeners delight as you wallow in the new found glory of Black Mirrors..IT RAWKS!    


Review: Seb Di Gatto   Score :5/5

Reviewed: 22.02.17


 Track Listing:

1.Funky Queen

2. Kick out The Jams

3.The Mess

4.Canard Venguer Masque



Marcella Di Troia: Vocals

Pierre Lateur: Guitar

Gino Caponi: Bass

Nicolas Scalliet: Drums






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