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                                                                                                                Black Swan

                                                                                                     Title: “Shake The World”

                                                                                                     Label: Frontiers Music s.r.l.

                                                                                                     Release Date: February 14, 2020

World class Vocalist  Robin McAuley, celebrated Guitarist Reb Beach, the legendary Jeff Pilson and Drumming titan Matt Starr joined forces  to form Black Swan, a Hard Rockers wet dream of Powerful Heavy Rock N Roll that takes you on a eleven track roller-coaster ride of  Heavy, melodic tuneage to fill these dull days of Winter.


The Album gets underway with the title track “Shake the World” a well named song as indeed these masters of Rock do  “Shake The World” as the thunder and crashing grooves bounce into the room, a fantastic start to a kick ass project from these well weathered veterans.

McAuley still delivers the goods with his unmistakable Voice as Beach makes his Guitar sing you could really be back in the heady hazy days of the Eighties when a song like this would have been on constant play on MTV.    


The excellent “Big Disaster” is up next an unstoppable blitzkrieg of pounding, fist pumping rhapsody to rock your soul, this rock n rolls like a runaway train, instantly captivating, and in no time you will be singing along to this song which has already been released and gotten rave reviews. It’s a huge track and it’s really  hard to believe that Robin McAuley is 67, his Voice sounds as good as it always has , if not even better if possible on this whole release.  The killer Bass from Pilson and spell blinding Drumming from Starr add something truly sublime to this bitching track, a highlight, one of many on here!   

“Johnny Came Marching Home” slows the tempo down a bit, a deep and meaningful song about the effects and aftermath of war on a victim, love the depth and killer solo on here, fuck yeah, get ya air Guitar moves out as Beach shows his wonderful technique. 

A massive slice of  Melodic Metal is up next as “Immortal Souls”  rocks into the room.

 “Make it there” again showcases Rob’s voice, this is immense and could melt the hardest of hearts with its passion and essence.


You could be travelling down sunset strip  as the massive “She’s onto us” booms outta ya speakers, this addictive tune kills it for me and rocks the foundations, man love this one so much, this is pure candy for your ears as your sing yourself hoarse. The incredible music just continues as “The Rock That Rolled Away” and “Long Road to now where” continue this bootylicious excursion into some of the Best Hard and Heavy  moments you will of heard in  many a year.

The divine and meaningful “Sacred Place” works its magic, a lighter in the air moment as you let this smooth number rock your being.  “Unless We Change”  has a clear and concise message as we head to the final song “Divided / United” with its grand piano and style it has a feel of the  great Freddie Mercury  and would not of been out of place on any Queen Album.


You really can get totally lost in the sheer majesty of “Shake the World” and never want to leave, this is a must buy , this is an awesome release from Black Swan!


Review: Seb Di Gatto      Score: 9.5/10              Facebook




  • 1.Shake The World

  • 2.Big Disaster

  • 3.Johnny Came Marching

  • 4.Immortal Souls

  • 5.Make It There

  • 6.She's On To Us

  • 7.The Rock That Rolled Away

  • 8.Long Road To Nowhere

  • 9.Sacred Place

  • 10.Unless We Change

  • 11.Divided/United



Robin McAuley- Lead Vocals and Background Vocals

Reb Beach- Guitars and Background Vocals

Jeff Pilson- Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Keys and Background Vocals

Matt Starr- Drums and Percussion

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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