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                                                                                                        Black Water Holy Light

                                                                                                         Interview 11.05.18


Hey there!

Sunny (founder/bass/vocals) here!

MM:Hi congratulations on your  Album Blackwater Holylight whats feedback been like from the fans and media


Thank you! We've been receiving very encouraging reviews, its meant the world getting so much support from a wonderful community of people all over the place.

MM - Tell us about the song writing for ’, what the Album ideas inspired the songs behind this album?

-We find inspiration from many different bands and tones that we all listen to ranging in many different genres! But we are also influenced by life, learning and growing. Taking the experiences we’ve been through and challenging the struggles and growth through making music. So I guess our biggest inspiration is life and lessons. An influence on our sound for me has just been listening to all types of new metal, doom, heavy psych, grunge and sludge music that I’ve never really heard of before. I’ve got a new found love for metal in my heart so it’s been fun to explore this and learn about new music and new tones and transpose it into our own music and tone.

MM - Your sound and lyrics have a strong identity to them. Is this something you've strived to achieve or something more organic?

-Everything on the record was very organic because its all very honest, and a reflection of where we were in life at the time.

MM: Can you tell me your favourite track of the Album today and why?

-I think it changes all of the time but I'd say Sunrise because it encompasses many sounds I like and its unique structurally.

MM: Which two songs would you play me from the new album if I was a totally new to your Band

-Sunrise and Jizz Witch!

MM - How would you best describe your music to any of our listeners who are currently unfamiliar with your music?

-Our sound is a pretty mixed bag, it’s anywhere from melodic and sultry to heavy and doomy. We say heavy psych but it definitely has many flavors, that’s usually what we tell people when explaining our sound is that it’s just a lot of things.

MM: Can you tell us your tour and festival plans for 2018

-We have a small tour in August down the West Coast and are trying to team up with an agent that can help us with bigger support tours and festivals moving forward!

MM:What can we expect from Black water holylight  live

J-ust a handful of goofballs an stage playing the songs we wrote! We like to play loud but also like to pay attention to dynamics on stage. We try our to be seamless and not take make breaks in sound...  to take you on a journey from start to finish.

MM:Can you remember your first time you ever played live and how it felt to have people watching you?

-Our first BWHL show was sold out. I remember feeling nervous but also excited to show our community what we had been working on and to show them a piece of my musical self no one had met yet.

MM:   What's the most memorable concert you've been to (other than your own) and why?

-Gosh, there are so many. I think the first time I saw Sumac when they opened for Boris really changed my life, it was definitely one of the most inspiring shows I have ever seen.

MM:Best and worse things about being in a Band in 2018

-The best thing about being in a band is learning about yourself and what it truly means to be a team/leader. The worst thing about being a band in 2018 is that the internet exists and its much harder to make a living off your art, even though its a great avenue to get your art into the world!

MM: What would you say Black Water Holy lights Motto in life is

-Be vulnerable, kick ass, and inspire women to be the most bad ass version of themselves as possible.  

MM: Can you tell me why we should buy Blackwater Holylight?

-You should buy BWHL if you enjoy it so we can keep doing what were doing and continue growing!

THANK YOU!     Bandcamp

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