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                                                                                                        Title: Dying Breed 

                                                                                                        Label: Steam hammer / SPV  

                                                                                                        Release Date:13th September 2019

Storming outta the French Alps we have Sleaze Rockers BlackRain with this their Sixth Album “Dying Breed” a poignant title that bemoans the death of so many of the Bands idols who have made their mark in the history of Rock as well being the groups response when asked why they still have and wear old fashioned long hair. 


So reckless Rock n Roll abandonment is unleashed as the Title track blasts out of your speakers, an anathematic headbanging punching the air song of defiance as this type of music and scene is sadly becoming a “Dying Breed” this tune has to be the set opener live! Next we are introduced to “Hell Fire” another killer tune with some meaty riffs from Max 2 on Lead Guitar and Swan Hellion on Vocals delivering the goods as you sing along, and bounce around the room this is excellent work from a Band am embarrassed to say I had not really listened to a lot !

“Blast me up” is gung-ho sleazy Rock at its best as you party along with these Gallic warriors of Rock as the Rhythm section of Matthieu de la Roche on Bass and Frank F – Drums thunder into the room, you continue to sing and party on dude!

This instantly addictive release continues to draw you in as the superb “Nobody Can Change” continues to take you on a journey into the past with a 21st-century twist, its high tempo rocking continues to please and have you singing along in no time at all. 


My favourite tracks on this is opus are the opener and the excellent “Like Me” a real catchy tune that rocks from the off and never surrenders til the last note.  The guys take things down a notch with the ballad “All Angels Have Gone”, a real touch of class that again shows these dudes aren’t one trick ponies this group really are the full package.

Things are brought back up to speed with “We Are the Mayhem” a real groove monster of epic proportions as the deliciously down and dirty riffs capture your soul. “Rock Radio” is so 80s, and brings back those hazy long-gone happy days for this reviewer with an important up to date message… Bring back proper music to the Radio before its to late!  A cracking number with some death-defying guitar solos. hell yeah! Penultimate song “Public Enemy” continues to have you singing yourself hoarse, these guys have massive potential but just maybe a few eras to late am sad to say, as this release brings itself to close with the stunning “A Call From The Inside” its hard not to feel angry and annoyed when such talented musicans as this may struggle to get the recognition they rightly deserve, let’s hope this release “A Dying Breed” will make the changes and the world of music too!       


We would love to see this band tear up my city. They would kick the living daylights out of any joint that would dare have them. Basically, this is boogie, foot-stomping, groove-ridden, hard rawking platter to shake you to your knees. You can imagine them schmoozing and a cruising down the Sunset Strip back in the hot and heady days of the Eighties and being a regular on MTV.

This band is good time Rock and Roll and something we all need every day, so let BlackRain down on you and soak you to the skin.


Review: Seb Di Gatto Score: 9/10                  Facebook  





 1. Dying Breed 

 2. Hellfire 

 3. Blast Me Up 

 4. Nobody Can Change 

 5. Like Me 

 6. All Angels Have Gone 

 7. We Are the Mayhem

 8. Rock Radio 

 9. Public Enemy 

 10. A Call from The Inside



Swan Hellion – Vocals, Guitar

Max 2 –Lead Guitar

Matthieu de la Roche – Bass

Frank F - Drums



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