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                                                                                                           Survival Of The Fittest
                                                                                                    Label:GoldenCore Records / ZYX Music
                                                                                                            Release Date: April 24th
Black Welder are the brainchild of Silent Seraphims guitarist Andrew Szucs who has enlisted the services of Metal Goliaths  Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear), Aquiles Priester (Primal Fear ) and Bjorn Englen (Dios Disciples) so with that line up you expect a outstanding album and boy do they deliver! Kicking off with "The Night of The Moon"it  is melodic and heavy, a  sterling opening which sees Scheepers vocals taking on a different delivery than normally expected from the Primal Fear frontman.


"Survival of The Fittest" is washed in a Eighties perspective concerning the tracks full delivery with some classic European Metal vibes through out.

Orbiting and flying to the moon "Spaceman" is simply out of this world * pun intended! the chorus is catching and fuels you to sing and join in instantly.

Not a mega fan of instrumentals  personally , but "Adeturi" sees  Andrew Szucs  shredding skills,  its a sure fire winner to have on when you are down the gym working out as the music peaks and glides into your lifeblood, it reminds me at times of gliding over the highest mountains as the wind takes you high. 

"Freeway of Life"  is my  least favourite track on here, it just never seems to get going, til the song approaches its end, although its not a bad track, , I just expected it to be alot faster and really cracking skulls.

"Inner Voice" is Melodic heaven with some Neo classical guitarmanship from Szucs and Scheepers Vocals rocks your soul as Bjorn Englens Bass  and  Aquiles Drums enhance your delirium.


"With Flying Colours" machine gun drumming  opens into possibly the album highlight ,  it is truly inspiring, and has some razor sharp riffs and steaming hot solos. "Remember The Time" is the Albums longest track,  its a Classic Metal tune taking you on a journey of memories, and all  good times of life spent on the road, It's Uplifting and inspiring.

"Play Some More" a bit like the previous track takes you on a personal journey I feel , seeing these Rock stars living the dream and showcases their immense Metal dexterity and virtuosity as the Power Metal rhythms course through your body.


By the time you get to the penultimate track you are definitely under the bands  magical clutches as "Oriental Spell" rips through your speakers, and exudes its potion of Metal enchantment.

Final song "Judgement Day" blisters ,with some scorching solos and beats to wake the deceased.

So my Judgement is:  "Survival of The Fittest"   is a herculean effort , which sounds nothing like Primal Fear and the only bug bear for me is knowing that the "Big"  UK press are unlikely to pick up on it ,or  will just give the release a small article  in their magazines.

Its such a shame when bands / Side projects like  Blackwelder  are not fully appreciated in the UK, I really hope this album gets the attention it deserves and touches a nerve and sees this side project doing a "Full " UK tour! But I wont hold my breath!
Review : Seb Di Gatto        Score : 9 /10             Facebook
Lineup: Ralf Scheepers Vocals                            Website 
Andrew Szucs  Guitars
Bjorn Englen  Bass
Aquiles Priester  Drums

Track Listing :
1. The Night Of New Moon
2. Spaceman
3. Adeturi
4. Freeway Of Life
5. Inner Voice
6. With Flying Colors
7. Remember The Time
8. Play Some More
9. Oriental Spell
10. Judgement Day


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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