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                                                                                                              Title: Blaze

                                                                                                              Label: High Roller Records


Japan has had a few well known bands that have made it over here, like Electric Eel Shock,  Anthem and of course the excellent Loudness, and now, there are these rockers  from Osaka called Blaze, who sound  very retro and NWOBHM , which isn’t a bad thing at all.  'On The Run' is a brilliantly executed track with great guitar riffs by Hisashi Suzuki and it pummels your brain, as vocalist Wataru Shiota runs through this old school rocker.  

'Fools Mate' is another track on this opus that I would recommend as its races along, you really could be back in the eighties, these guys have got the NWOBHM vibe down to a tee and again there is some awe inspiring guitar riff age, as with all the tracks on this fine album.  'Answer' is so catchy and  you will be listening again and again to this number.  'The Night Speaks' thunders along as drummer Funabiki crashes away on a drum playing frenzy, and the very strangely named 'Wiseacre in the Land of Nod' is a kind of balladry classic rock number and really very enjoyable. 

'See The Light' is probably the stand out track and has everything you could ask for in a track, impressive guitar solos, and vocals that are very impressive.  'Picture' is a short musical interlude where Blaze show case their talents again.  I also really enjoyed the bonus track 'Night Walker' but as with the whole album I kind of thought I was either listening to Klaus Meine or Ian Astbury, but with a heavy Japanese accent, this does not detract from the album at all but maybe if vocalist, Shiota could manage to lose the heavy Japanese accent these guys would and should get a lot more success.  

The album is technically brilliant and I can’t honestly think of one bad track, although there’s nothing new here its definitely worth checking out if you have a penchant for all things Classic and New Wave of British Heavy Metal.


Review by: Seb Di Gatto                 Score:8.5/10


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